Clinical Psychology Admissions

To apply, please complete the official online Rackham Graduate Application form by uploading a Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose, and transcripts. You will need to register your recommendations so that they may submit their recommendation online. All applicants should review the Psychology Department Graduate Application Checklist to be sure their application is complete by the December 1st, 2014 deadline.  All applicants are notified of admission decisions by April 1, 2015. The Department of Psychology admits students only once each year for the Fall term.  Applicants should not send any hardcopy materials to the Psychology Department.

For specific questions about the graduate program in Clinical Psychology, contact the chair:   Dr. Patricia Deldin at

Faculty Seeking Students for Fall 2015 

Patricia Deldin

Ashley Gearhardt

Joseph Gone

Luke Hyde

Israel Liberzon

Nestor Lopez-Duran

Donna Nagata

Please note that recruitment weekend will be February 20-21, 2015 (arrival on the 19th, depart on the 21st)

Although a comprehensive funding package is available for the students admitted to the Clinical Area, we strongly encourage all applicants to apply for predoctoral scholarships and fellowships.

Applicants with scholarly interests in education, women’s studies, or social work should consider applying to one of our joint programs in education (CPEP), women’s studies, or social work — in addition to or instead of — the clinical psychology program. These programs offer special opportunities for interdisciplinary scholarship.

Prospective Applicants:

Acceptance into our clinical psychology program is highly competitive. We view the entire application package of all applicants and select those best fit for our program. Although we do not have rigid admission criteria, competitive applicants usually have very high undergraduate GPAs and GRE scores, significant research experience (e.g., paper or poster presentations at regional and national conferences, publications, senior/honors thesis, etc.), and a close match between the student’s research interest and the expertise of our faculty.