Clinical Psychology Curriculum

The first two years and advancement to candidacy

During the first two years of our program students take a variety of courses on child and adult psychopathology, clinical assessment and intervention, research methods, ethics, multicultural issues, foundations of clinical science, and a number of electives in developmental, cognitive, personality, social, and biological psychology. An independent, Master's level research project is also completed by the end of the student’s second year. The students are involved in practicum training on a part-time [8-10 hour a week] basis at local agencies beginning their second year. Students also start to assist in teaching undergraduate courses during their second year. Finally, students complete a preliminary portfolio before obtaining their Masters degree and advancing to Ph.D. candidacy.

Candidacy, Dissertation, and Internship

During the third and fourth years, most students focus on developing and completing, with guidance of a faculty committee, an individualized program of advanced study and the "dissertation prospectus." Students also may take additional elective courses and obtain additional clinical experience by completing part-time clinical practica at local agencies.

During this time, students must prepare for applying to complete a 1 year, full time internship requirement.  New students are expected to apply to the National Internship Match (APPIC). Those selecting to apply to the national match usually complete their internship during their 5th or 6th year of study. Finally, students usually defend their doctoral dissertation during their 5th year.

Internship Consortium

Please note before reading on - 

  • At this time we have the Consortium internship but this internship is likely to be phased out in the coming years. As a result, the Consortium will not be available to new students entering the clinical program for the foreseeable future.  

The University of Michigan Internship Consortium was created in 1969 in order to provide students enrolled in the UM Clinical Psychology program with a diverse array of clinical internship experiences which offer quality training in contemporary professional psychology. It was created with the explicit purpose of allowing UM students to receive professional field training experiences which could be closely integrated with the rest of their graduate school education. Unlike the typical internship model in which students must enter another highly competitive application process for a full-time national match internship, and re-locate themselves and their families away from university colleagues and mentors, the UM model allows students to remain on the Ann Arbor campus while completing their internship. 

For more information about our internship consortium click here.