Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

For our graduate program, we try to recruit students with excellent academic, and research credentials, particularly those that imply a good fit between a prospective student and our program’s clinical science training model. We admit fewer than 3% of the 300+ applicants to our program every year, and of these individuals, typically more than 80% accept our invitation and enroll.

Once in the program, students have very low attrition (only two students has left among those admitted since 1993). In recent years, the modal time to degree of our Ph.D. recipients has been about five or six years, which means that our students progress steadily through the program, if not at a blinding speed. Over the course of their time here, our students become professionally active and identified. Upon graduation, virtually all of them take a post-doctoral or assistant professorship.

Student Statistics

Student Admissions Information:

Year Entering Program '13-'14 '12-'13 '11-'12 '10-'11 '09-'10 '08-'09 '07-'08
Applied to Program   296 214 217 265 290 325
Were Offered Admission   5 7 8 8 9 9
Enrolled   4 7 4 6 6 7


GRE Average Scores:

Year Entering Program '13-'14 '12-'13 '11-'12 '10-'11 '09-'10 '08-'09 '07-'08
Verbal   613 653 595 608 643 600
Quantitative   638 669 708 670 695 722

Time to completion for all students entering the program

Time to completion for all students entering the program

Program Costs

Program Costs Table

Internship Placement - Table 1

Intership Placement Table

Internship Placement - Table 2

Internship Placement Table 2

Attrition Table

Attrition Table


Licensure Table

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