If you are not sure whether the CAF lab is right for you

If you are not sure about how you might add a hormone component to your research or if you would just like more information, please contact the CAF director.

If you would like help incorporating a hormone component into your next grant

We can provide you with descriptions of space and equipment. We also can review the hormone methods section of your grant. Please contact the CAF director.

If you would like to have your samples assayed

If you are certain you would like to proceed with using the CAF lab services, please email caf.lab@umich.edu. In this email, please include the following information.

  1. name of P.I.
  2. shortcode for billing
  3. hormones to be analyzed
  4. number of samples, and
  5. how the samples were/will be collected and processed

Please review the information provided on the web site of available assays, approximate costs, and details of required collection methods for each type of assay (see Information on Assays). In response to this email, the CAF manager will contact you with further questions, and to provide information on:

  1. getting your samples to the CAF lab
  2. when the data will be available
  3. pricing, and
  4. any special instructions on processing

Note about IRB and UCUCA approval

Please note that all researchers must have already secured their own IRB approval if working with humans (http://www.irb.research.umich.edu/IRB_Behavioral/New/IRB_Behavioral.html) or UCUCA approval if working with animals (http://www.ucuca.umich.edu/). The CAF lab is not able to assist in these approvals.