Registration Policies

Questions about enrollment and registration should be sent to

Important: Students must attend classes from the beginning of the term. The department may have students dropped if they do not attend initial classes.

All sections of courses meet from the first day of classes, even if the discussion or lab section is scheduled before the first lecture. Students must attend class from the beginning of the term or risk being dropped from the class.

After the first day of classes, contact the instructor of the enrollment section for information about registration.

Be aware that Professors CANNOT give permission to register for discussion sections that are at capacity.  Only the GSI can do so.

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Psychology Waitlist Procedure

All sections of all undergraduate courses have a waitlist (except courses that are “Instructor Consent,” First-Year Seminars, and Independent Studies).

How to Add Yourself to the Waitlist for a Class (video)

After the Early Registration period, the Department will provide permission to register as seats become available in classes using the following guidelines:

  1. Upper level courses — Seats will be offered to senior majors (85+ credits), then junior majors (55–84 credits), sophomore majors (25–54 credits), then non-majors. BCN and Neuroscience students will be given priority for BCN/Neuroscience eligible courses.
  2. Breadth courses — Seats will be offered first to majors by class rank, then all others in waitlist order.
  3. 100 level courses — Waitlist order with freshmen and sophomore students receiving priority.

During Early Registration students will have 2 days after receiving a permission to register for the class before the permission expires. Being on a waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the class.

Reserved Seats

Some seats are reserved for Psychology, BCN, and Neuroscience majors.  Please note, if you have not completed your pre-requisite coursework, or seen an advisor to officially complete the declaration process, you are not considered a Psychology, BCN, or Neuroscience major in Wolverine Access.   Additionally, some seats are reserved for students of specific class standing; senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman.

Class standing is determined by the number of credits earned toward a degree, and includes the number of credits being taken in the current term:

  • Freshman: fewer than 25 credits
  • Sophomore: 25 through 54 credits
  • Junior: 55 through 84 credits
  • Senior: 85 credits or more

All unused reserved seats will be released for general registration on April 17, 2015.

Independent Study Courses

All independent study courses require instructor consent. Students are responsible for locating and contacting a faculty mentor. Before registering for a 400-level letter-graded independent study course (Psych 420, 421, or 422), students must have a proposal signed by an instructor and approved by the SAA Committee. Proposal cover sheets and instructions are available on the Independent Study Course page.

Students interested in Honors or Senior Thesis must submit an application.

Transfer Credits

If your course hasn't been reviewed by an advisor, see the Transfer Credit Equivalency Table.

If the transfer course is listed on your transcript as "Psych 101X, 201X, 301X," etc., you will need to have a Psychology Academic Advisor evaluate this course.

If meeting a pre-requisite with a transfer course which is listed as "Psych 201X, 301X" etc., call or come to the SAA Office once you are eligible to register.

Permissions will be given if:

  1. The course you wish to take has an open seat (we cannot enter permissions if a course is closed).
  2. You have access to a computer and can use the permission immediately. We recommend coming into the SAA Office to complete this process — we will not be able to assist you via email.

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Questions about enrollment and registration should be sent to