The Understanding Race LSA Theme Semester Steering Committee provides guidance and support for the planning and implementation of theme semester events and activities.


Amy Harris Museum of Natural History
Martha S. Jones Afroamerican and African Studies, History, and Law
Kelly Maxwell Program on Intergroup Relations
Shari Robinson-Lynk Ginsberg Center
Urmila Venkatesh School of Social Work (through June 2012)


Donna Ainsworth Women's Studies
Paulina Alberto History / Romance Languages & Literature (Spanish)
Kati Bauer Office of the Provost
Crisca Bierwert Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
Matthew Countryman Arts of Citizenship Program, American Culture/History
Dilip Das Office of the Provost
Chanel DeGuzman School of Public Health
Frieda Ekotto Comparative Literature, African and Francophone Studies
Sandra Gregerman Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Rollin Johnson Ginsberg Center (Community Partnerships)
Karen Jordan Taubman Health Sciences Library
Emily Lawsin American Culture (Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies),
Women's Studies
Kate Mendeloff Residential College
Anthony Mora History / American Culture (Latino/a Studies)
Lynh Nguyen Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs
Darlene Nichols University Library
Margaret Noori Comprehensive Studies Program / American Culture (Native
American Studies/Ojibwe Language)
Amanda Peters Shapiro Undergraduate Library
Stephanie Rowley Psychology and Education
Bill Schultz Mechanical Engineering / Marine Engineering
Sharilyn Saunders School of Education
Karen Simpson Financial Operations
Michael Spencer School of Social Work
Alexandra Stern History of Medicine / Obstetrics & Gynecology / American Culture / History
Debbie Taylor Women in Science & Engineering Program, Women in
Engineering Office
John Vandermeer Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Elizabeth Werbe Arts of Citizenship
Warren Whatley Economics and Afroafrican American Studies
Michael Witgen American Culture (Native American Studies Program)