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October 9 art gallery opening
Garden Ribbon Cutting

Student Darian Razdar, Director Jon Wells and Lecturer Virginia Murphy officiate at the EQ Garden Ribbon Cutting on October 2, 2015

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News from RC Spanish Lecturer Emerita Eliana Moya-Raggio

Many of you may remember Eliana Moya-Raggio and her work in the RC. Here is the final home of the arpilleras work that she brought for the first time to the U.S. and helped disseminate during the Pinochet regime. 

An arpillera is similar to a quilt in the U.S; it is an old, humble craft cultivated among women, often in rural or fishing areas. The object itself is a piece of cloth that depicts a scene by sowing small materials (leftovers of random quality, colors and textures). Traditionally, they reproduced scenes of country life.

When the Chilean military dictatorship started in 1973 and detentions, torture and disappearances became fairly common, one of the main Catholic organizations at the time (the Vicaría de la Solidaridad), which became de facto the best record keeper of the detentions, suggested to poor women who had lost their loved ones and were in a precarious situation for lack of income, to start using this craft to 'narrate' their stories and their vision of the dictatorship. Those were exhibited and sold in the U.S. in the 80s. Eliana mounted the first exhibit in the U.S. at the Power Center.

After many years away, the arpilleras are back in Chile, installed in The House of Memory in Santiago, and on permanent display.  

The 2015 RC News has been released

The 2015 RC News is on its way to our Alumni. If you're not on our mailing list and don't receive one, please send us an email, or download a digital copy here.

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The East Quad Garden

Tomatoes and cucumbers are ripening in gardens across Michigan, including a new plot on East Quad's grounds.

Residential College faculty and students gathered outside the residence hall Friday afternoon to celebrate the official opening of the RC Garden, an endeavor jointly led by students and faculty to bring fresh, organic produce to campus.

The Eco Club and Food Forum, two RC groups created to maintain the garden, have more than 30 members each and say interest is growing.

Though the garden’s concept originated within the RC, all University students may care for it and harvest produce.

The garden is currently growing chives, sweet basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, fruit trees, kale, corn and miniature watermelons, among other vegetables and plants.

The garden was built and developed by the East Quad Garden Committee, comprised of staff from LSA facilities and housing, the University's Landscape Architecture unit, East Quad staff and students from the RC.

For more on the EQ Garden, see Brandon Summers-Miller's Michigan Daily article here.