East Quad Public History and Memory Project

Welcome to the East Quadrangle and to The EQ Public History & Memory Project.

The project grew out of a special class on the history of the EQ taught by Residential College Professor Michelle McClellan in the Winter Term, 2012, as the overlapping communities that live and work in the quad were preparing the leave the site for the renovation (May 2012 to July 2013). The idea for the use of QR codes as a medium for public history was proposed by Matthew Meyer and Kristen Kovel. It has been brought to fruition by Rosie Levine, RC Class of 2014, with help from various members of the RC faculty, staff and alumni community. Levine’s East Quad Memory Project began as an offshoot of McClellan’s class: Space and Place: Historic Preservation of East Quad. “Throughout the course,” Rosie writes, “we discussed the methods, theories and implementations of historic preservation. As the course continued I couldn’t help but feel that action was in the community to preserve East Quad’s memory and history than just discuss it hypothetically.

"What began as a small independent study project took on a life of its own as I began collecting memories, photos, experiences, and reflections from former RC students and East Quad residents. I was overwhelmed by the formative experiences people had in the very building I had lived in and called home for two years. Stories of friendship, classes, practical jokes, community and moreover – love for the building itself and what it provided.

"The East Quad Memory Project has provided both a place for people to come together and share their memories of East Quad as well as a way for current students to learn about the history of this space. When the plans for renovations to East Quad were announced – many students, faculty and alumni were concerned about the continuity of the RC experience, but it is clear from these memories and stories that the RC is much larger than the walls that house it."

You can access the wealth of information – and stories – about the EQ collected by Rosie here

As the union of these two class-based assignments, The EQ Public History & Memory Project was formally launched in August 2013, just in time to celebrate the reopening of the East Quad – the New EQ – post-renovations.  There are five QR Codes and corresponding web pages: Greene Lounge, The Benzinger Library, EQ Halls and Hallways, The Halfway Inn, and this brief introduction. These can be found in locations throughout the EQ.  We hope to add more in the future. Please contact Cynthia Burton in the Residential College office with any contributions to this effort to preserve and share East Quad’s history.