RC Alumni in the World

RC Alumni in the World

All of us at the RC are very proud of our current students and of our Alumni. Let us know what you're doing after the RC - your accomplishments and your everyday life - and we'll tell the world about it. 

Please email the Outreach and Communications Office with your updates, and include your name when you attended the RC (if it has changed),  the year of your graduation and the concentration(s) and minor(s) you pursued.  Let us know what you're doing and feel free to share a memory or two, or include a shout-out to someone you haven't seen in awhile.You may send a digital photo, if you'd like, and please also let us know if you'd like your email address included in your post, so that other alumni may contact you.  

Gabe Anderson, RC 2005, Creative Writing

Lisette (Lisa) Arsuaga, RC 1988, Creative Writing & Literature/Communications

Joe Barder, RC 2002, Political Science, Minor Russian Language & Culture

Michael (Mike) Baron, RC 1990, Honors Psychology

Brett Beckerson, RC 2007. Political Science & RC Social Science

Beth (Bovair) Schill, RC 2005, Anthropology, Social Sciences

Bob Clifford, RC 1979, Creative Writing, Hopwood Winner

Elizabeth Dougherty, RC 2010, English and Communications Studies

Tooba Durrani, RC 1991, BS Geological Sciences

Martha Fedorowicz, RC 2011, Political Science & French, Intl Studies

Spenser Feller, RC 2013, REES, Creative Writing and Literature

Sean FitzGerald, RC 2012, Philosophy and RC Drama

Matt Forbeck, RC 1989, Creative Writing

Barry Garelick, RC 1971, Mathematics

Marinette Gonzalez, RC 1998, BS

Sara Groenenbroom, RC 2012, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities, Music Minor

Jim Guthrie, RC 1973, Creative Writing, French

Matthew J. Hayek, RC 1992, Social Sciences, Michigan Law School 1997, JD

Malcolm Hein, RC 1973, Journalism, French Minor

Stephanie Hepburn, RC 1999 Biopsychology and Cognitive Science

Erik Herron, RC 1990, Russian and East European Studies

Philip R. Hertz, RC 1971, History and Urban Studies

Steve Hynson, RC 1971, Anthropology

Candace Kugel, RC 1973, Psychology

Catherine MacDonald, RC 2011, Drama, Creative Writing and Literature

Wendy Beth Marks, RC 1972, Dramatic Literature

Mark McClelland, RC 1994, Creative Writing, Computer Science

Iris J. Meltzer, RC 1971, Psychology

Cole Merkel, RC 2010, History and Creative Writing & Literature

Bonnie Miller, attended RC 1968-'69

Mark Molesky, RC 1990, Honors History

Lucy Eldersveld Murphy RC 1975, Creative Writing & Literature, Social Studies Ed

Susan Naimark, RC 1976, Urban & Community Studies

Aeryn Nini, RC 2010, Secondary Education, History, Spanish

Liz Parker, RC 2009, Creative Writing Major, Music Minor

Shauna Russell, RC 2010, Linguistics (with Distinction)

Whitney Russell, RC 2008, Social Science

Sara Ryan, RC 1993, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Adina Schoem, RC 2006, Honors English

Shana Schoem, RC 2008, Women's Studies

Elizabeth (Schwartz) Coleman, RC 2008, Spanish, Philosophy Minor

Jim "Strike" Strichartz, 1973, Urban Studies

Ty Symroski, RC 1974

Julia Taylor, RC 2008, Social Science, minors: Spanish, Text to Performance

Carol Ullmann, RC 2000, Honors Anthropology, Creative Writing

Amit Weitzer, RC 2008, Social Science

Tom Whittum, RC 1973, Comparative Literature, '79 Michigan Secondary Education

Robin Wolfson, RC 1983, Psychology

Daniel Zaretsky, RC 1993, Anthropology

Nathaniel Warshay, RC 1984, Communication