Mark McClelland, RC 1994, Creative Writing, Computer Science

Mark McClelland

I've been working as a software developer ever since I graduated, pursuing writing on the side.  With the recent publication of my novel, "Upload", I'm bringing writing more to the fore and expect to have another book out by the end of 2014.  I married fellow RC student, Nancy Skinner-Oclander (now Nancy McClelland), in 2001.  We live in Chicago, in Logan Square.  We've been subscribers to the Angelic Organics CSA for many years and are big proponents of the Slow Money movement.  We own a Checker Cab, which we've taken to a couple of shows.  We love food, wine, sake, travel, and music.  We do cat foster care, so if you live in Chicago and are looking for a cat, we can probably hook you up.  I'm also something of a cocktail enthusiast, and am "Chief Mixologist" for Jo Snow Syrups.

Ken Mikolowski, you would be proud: poetry is alive and at least moderately well in my life, and I write poetry for my wife, sole member of the Poem-of-the-Month Club.

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