The Residential College Art Gallery is located in the University of Michigan’s East Quadrangle Residence Hall (701 E. University, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-1245.) [See map.] The approximately 500 square-foot exhibit space hosts two professional and one RC student exhibit in both the fall and winter semesters. The Gallery opened in 1997 in conjunction with the RC’s 30th Anniversary celebration with a photo exhibit of the acclaimed international photojournalist (and 1977 RC alumnus), David Turnley.

In recent years exhibitors have included: Frank Cassara, Margo Mensing, Ellen Wilt, Kate Blacklock, Wendel Heers, Marianetta Porter, Tom Voorhees, Sherri Smith, Sa Schloff, and all four of the current RC Studio Art faculty.

If you have questions concerning the RC Art Gallery, please contact Larry Cressman or Jason Wright

The RC Art Gallery closes in the summer.

Note: The RC Art Gallery is best accessed through the west-side of East Quadrangle, off of East University Street and across from the UM Business School. All UM dormitories are locked 24 hours per day; so you will need to call 3-0176 (phone by entrance) in order to gain access.