RC Languages

“I could not envision a more effective and equally humbling and empowering experience in both teaching and learning.”

—Olga Lopez-Cotin, RC Spanish Program Head

Applying the principles of immersion and constant practice to language learning, the RC offers its students the opportunity to choose from six intensive language programs: Spanish, French, German, Russian, Latin and Japanese. Each program takes advantage of the RC’s living/learning environment through the use of lunch tables, where students eat with other intensive learners and their faculty, a coffee hour for relaxed discussion, and, of course, the never-ending banter among students outside of class.

In the RC Intensive language program students finish the LSA foreign language requirement much faster, due to the accelerated nature of the courses. Students take the equivalent of four semesters of language in half the time, and following a proficiency examination, enrich their knowledge of the language in a literature seminar.

Although it may sound intimidating, the intensive method is specifically designed to make foreign languages easier and more accessible especially when you are surrounded by a community that realizes the importance of language. Many RC students choose to major in a language but even more use their advanced language ability to study abroad, seek internships and participate in outreach and projects abroad.

The Residential College's semi-immersion program is an investment that can reap great rewards in a global society. With our students' diverse academic interests, their foreign language skills provide them with an edge as they market their skills to programs, employers, and graduate schools.

Please read our Languages/Proficiency FAQ for more general information about RC languages, proficiency, and other questions you might have about foreign languages.

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The RC also offers Language Lunch Tables and Coffee Hours and Study Abroad.