RC Majors give students the unique opportunity to study academic programs unavailable elsewhere. The five RC Interdisciplinary Majors are Arts and Ideas, Creative Writing and Literature, Drama, Social Science, and an Individualized Concentration.

For information on RC Concentrations please contact:
The RC Academic Services Office
134 Tyler - East Quad

Arts and Ideas in the Humanities

Arts and Ideas in the Humanities integrates the study of literature, the visual arts, and music in an interdisciplinary program that describes a spectrum from theory to practice according to global cultural difference both ancient and modern.

Creative Writing and Literature

The RC Creative Writing and Literature program allows students to simultaneously develop their writing skills [in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, etc.] while pursuing a serious study of literature.


The RC Drama program offers a study unique at U of M: the understanding of drama both as art form and literature.

Social Theory and Practice (STP)

The RC Social Theory and Practice major supports students in developing the analytical and practical skills necessary for active engagement in the world and for building careers that promote social equality and responsible citizenship.

Individualized Major Program

The RC offers a unique opportunity to the highly-motivated and self-directed student to develop his or her own plan of study.