Open to both RC and LSA students, RC minors offer programs of interdisciplinary study in areas of contemporary relevance and high student interest. The five RC minors –Crime and Justice, Drama: Text-to-Performance, Peace and Social Justice, Science, Technology and Society, and Urban/Community Studies – offer students academic pathways that combine areas of learning and doing in ways that can either elaborate – or stand in juxtaposition to – their undergraduate concentration.

For more information about an RC minor, please contact:
The RC Academic Services Office
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Crime and Justice

The past thirty years have seen a dramatic increase in prison populations—fueled by the centrality of crime and fear of crime to American politics. This minor melds concepts from the history of crime and criminal law, theories of crime and punishment, and societal circumstances that propel unequal demographics of criminality. Advisor:  Charlie Bright 

Drama: Text-to-Performance

Students in this minor learn about the complete process from how a theater text evolves into a fleshed-out performance. The program teaches students a variety of different theatrical styles—both in textual expression and dramatic interpretation and exposes them to a breadth of original texts. Directorial methods, acting methods, scenery are all covered to help students create different and alternative connections between a piece’s original message and the voice they would give it. PLEASE NOTE: this minor may not be elected by students concentrating in either RC Drama or Theater Arts. Advisor: Kate Mendeloff

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Peace and Social Justice

The goal of the Peace and Social Justice (PSJ) Minor is to integrate the study of social inequity with the peaceful resolution of conflict. Students may explore the roots of violence in human behavior, including the violence of racism and economic inequality, the origins and perpetuation of war and terrorism, approaches to nonviolent conflict resolution, and various paths to social and economic justice. Advisor: Angela Dillard (Please note: This minor is closed to new students in the 2013/2014 academic year.)

Science, Technology, and Society

Technology often precipitates the most drastic, most revolutionary changes in how societies and cultures engage one another. The Science, Technology, and Society (STS) minor helps students see beyond the veneer of policy issues to learn about the raw changes in our tools and methods. STS studies the ethical, environmental, and social implications of new tools and methods—and how these affect the developing world. Please note: RC Social Science concentrators may not elect this as a separate minor.

Urban Studies

As the nature of American communities continues to change, a more active study is demanded to address social issues. The Urban Studies minor allows students to engage their coursework from historical and theoretical perspectives— combined with practice in community service. The minor weaves together African-American Studies, social work, urban studies, and other fields. Please note: students must develop a specific plan for completion of this minor. To declare or to discuss the minor, contact RC Academic Services, 734.763.0032, 1816 East Quad.