Drama Text-to-Performance

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The purpose of a “Text-to-Performance” minor is to introduce undergraduates to the complexities of dramatic interpretation – how a text on the page is realized on the stage by actors and directors.  It will occupy a position equidistant between the literary study of plays and a theater training in performance.  Students will be introduced to textual analysis, to the interpretive work of director and dramaturge, and to the challenges of acting (and designing) stage productions.

Justification of Need
Many students come to the UM/LSA with a background or interest in theater, but unless they choose to pursue a pre-professional program, they are largely limited to the study of drama as literature in the English major.  The RC Drama Program has built a curriculum and presence in the Residential College that combines the study of text and context with stage productions of the plays that are studied.  By developing an undergraduate minor, open to LSA students as well as to RC students who are pursuing concentrations in other areas, the RC seeks to increase the population of students who combine the serious study of dramatic literature with practical theater work.  The minor combines literature with performance in a focused interdisciplinary approach that will foster more informed theater-makers and theater-goers, as well as more sophisticated readers of dramatic literature.

Students wishing to pursue an academic minor in Text to Performance must develop a specific plan for its completion in consultation with the program's designated advisor. Appointments may be scheduled at the RC Academic Services Office, 134 Tyler, East Quad, or by calling 734.763.0032.