RC MAP (Mentorship Among Peers)

RC MAP (Mentorship Among Peers)

The RC MAP (Mentorship Among Peers) Program aims to strengthen the Residential College community by encouraging first-year and upper-level students to interact and exchange insights. It provides incoming RC freshmen with personalized guidance and connects them to social and academic resources on campus. It also provides returning RC students with leadership and reflection opportunities. RC mentors and mentees meet regularly for coffee, concerts, tutoring, football games, etc. and they participate in monthly bonding events ranging from board game nights to ice skating excursions.  Above all, the RC MAP Program strives to guide RC students toward personal and professional success.

Who to Contact:

-MAP Community Coordinators: Elizabeth Stapleton and Essie Shachar-Hill 
-MAP Event Coordinators: Megan Harper and Liz Swaynie
-MAP Off-Campus Liaisons:  Katie Marenghi and Charley Cohen
-MAP Resource Specialists: Mike Van Volkenburg and Danielle Schmidt

Click on the names to find out more about the current MAP Members:

Jennifer Allen

Laura Bass

Amanda Bassett

Elyse Brusher

Ben Case

Shelby Chaney

Jason Colella

Emma Costello

Taylor Crookston

Catherine Cypert

Winter Dunnings

Candace Elmquist

Queentessa Fuggett

Mariah Gardziola

Mary-Catherine Goddard

Emily Gottschalk

Amber Gustafson

Danielle Leonard

Jessica Micallef

Sydney Morgan-Green

Talya Nakash

Quan Nguyen

Emily Paull

Sannie Pham

Tai Phan

Christiana Allen Pipkin

Stuart Richardson

Claire Schorin

Sam Schotland

Esther Shachar-Hill

Koral Skeen

John Tobin

Alexandra Trecha

Mike Van Volkenburg

Alex Wagner

Miki Watanabe

Connor Wood