East Quad Music Co-Op (EQMC)

The East Quad Music Co-op (EQMC) is a student run non-profit organization that hosts shows in The Halfway, which is located in the basement of East Quad. The EQMC stopped running shows for various reasons in 2001, but restarted on January 23rd of 2004.

The EQMC has a storied past—it’s rumored that bands such as the Dismemberment Plan, Chisel, even R.E.M. once played there. The venue has a great reputation among both local and smaller touring acts, and always has a diverse line-up.

The EQMC provides you with one of the only all-ages, quality music venues in Ann Arbor. Shows are always $5. All of the money taken at the door goes to the artists, unless the EQMC needs to take a small amount out to fix equipment.

Shows are held every other weekend on either Friday or Saturday night at The Halfway. The Halfway entrance is on Church St. between Hill and Willard…right next to the East Quad loading dock (entering 730 Church St. Ann Arbor into Mapquest will get you there).

Doors for all shows are at 9:30 with music starting around 10 and ending at 12:30.

Email eqmc@umich.edu

http://www.myspace.com/eqmc (The East Quad Music Co-op’s website)