The RC Republic

The RC Republic

The Residential College Republic exists to represent the interests of the Residential College student body:

• The Republic will endeavor to strengthen bonds within the Residential College community.
• The Republic will fight to maintain and fortify the pedagogy and philosophy of the Residential College.
• The Republic will fulfill its objectives with a commitment to human rights and social justice.
• The Republic will not succumb to the institutionalized bureaucracy, but instead will employ innovation, passion, and creativity in order to secure the future success of the Residential College through dedication and union.

EQWho to Contact


Toni Wang
Kerry Fingerle

aitlin Bonfiglio

Max Gaegauf

RC Executive Committee Representatives
Johnny Petoskey
Jason Colella

Community Service Chair
Stuart Richardson

Arts Committee Representative    
Amanda Nelson

EQ "In Reach" Representative
Leah Davis

Off Campus Outreach Representative
Rachel Pernick