Gina Marie Soter

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Gina Soter

Lecturer and Head, Latin Program

Office Location(s): 1606 East Quad
Phone: 734.647.4371

  • Fields of Study
    • Greek and Roman theater
    • classical tradition
    • religion in ancient Greece and Rome
    • women and gender in classical antiquity
    • pedagogy of Greek and Latin
  • About

    Ms. Soter finds language intriguing: its structure, its power, its limitations. It was a fascination with how the Greek language worked that lured her into the discipline of Classical Studies in the first place, but the conviction that study of others and the past gives us unique freedoms to learn truths about ourselves and the present has held her in the field. Special interests have evolved into discovering more effective strategies for teaching Greek and Latin language; promoting Living Latin, Greek, and Roman Theater; and the Classical Tradition.

    In Greek and Latin language classes, she expects students to learn as much about how language works, how its structure influences thinking, and how language is our primary means of communication, as she requires them to remember Latin paradigms - though she is adamant that students do master the nuts and bolts of the language! In 2001, she began to explore applications of spoken Latin for the classroom and has been developing fun and pedagogically effective oral techniques to aid students in their goal to read with understanding Greek and Latin literature.

    Recent courses:
    Latin 295 / RCLang 295: Intensive Latin II
    Greek 302 / 508: Homer
    RCCore 309: Roma Viva! (Latin study trip in Rome)

  • Education
    • B.A. '84, Washington
    • M.A. '87, Ph.D. '93, University of Michigan