David C. Turnley

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David C. Turnley

Associate Professor, Photography


Office Location(s): 1518 East Quad
Phone: 734.647.4347

  • About

    David Turnley, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Photography, is universally recognized as one of the finest image-makers of our time.

    Throughout his career, David has won many of photography’s top honors including the prestigious Robert Capa award, two World Press Pictures of the Year, and five Overseas Press Club Awards for Best Photo-Reporting.

    David has published eight photographic monographs of his work from around the globe. His most recent book MANDELA: IN TIMES OF STRUGGLE AND TRIUMPH bares witness to a pivotal moment in the country’s history and the life of the heroic leader Nelson Mandela since his release from prison in 1991.

    David has continued to push his professional boundaries, adding documentary filmmaking and commercial directing to his diverse repertoire. His film “La Tropical” is considered highly provocative and perhaps the most sensual film to have been shot in Cuba. David is currently directing a film set in a coal mining town called Shenandoah, PA.

    David graduated from University of Michigan and the Residential College with a degree in French Literature, and was awarded the Nieman Fellowship at Harvard. He has an honorary Doctorate from the New School in New York.

    Beginning in the Winter of 2012, David accepted a full time tenure track joint appointment with the University of Michigan School of Art and Design, and the Residential College.