The Snake That Ate the Dinosaur
In an epic science adventure that spans two continents and 67 million years, Professor Jeffrey A. Wilson discovers a snake hiding in a dinosaur nest.

Twitter, Big Data, and Jobs Numbers
Using Twitter to detect employment trends, LSA Economics Professor Matthew Shapiro gets better results than official government reports.

Yiddish Studies: Found in Translation
History and Judaic Studies Professor Jeffrey Veiglinger collects the oral histories of Jewish stalwarts in the Soviet borderlands—in Yiddish.

Weird Water
Chemistry Research Scientist Aniruddha Deb has shown that a substance as familiar as water can still surprise us if we take a closer look.

The Biggest News in the Universe
Physics Professor Katy Freese created one of the few mathematical models of the universe that’s still valid after gravitational waves were found in outer space.

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