Working Out Why We Don't Exercise
Alumna Michelle Segar spent the last 20 years refining a program to help people actually stick with their exercise plans, and she hopes her new book will encourage even more to go the distance.

Paws Between Words
An LSA professor's furry research partner is helping her change how we think about what language is—and who really uses it.

Supreme Court Q&A
LSA Dean Andrew D. Martin offers his take on the issues currently before the Supreme Court and explains his fascination with this "anti-democratic institution."

Get Smart
LSA social psychologist Richard Nisbett's latest book builds on a career spent studying the way people think in order to help us make better decisions.

Buy Buy Privacy
LSA Ph.D. student Darren Stevenson explains how advertisers get and use your personal data to predict what you’ll buy—and, sometimes, even what you’ll pay.

Food Addiction: Eat, Drink, and Be Wary
People might joke that they’re addicted to cookies or a favorite flavor of ice cream, but LSA Professor Ashley Gearhardt’s research suggests that addiction to some foods could be no laughing matter.

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