LSA Funding Sources

LSA Gateway to Internal Funding (eGIF) *

Based on your eligibility and need, this system will help you find and request funding for research, fellowship, subvention, or conference related projects.

Proposals that include a request to UMOR must be in our office two weeks prior to the UMOR deadline. This will ensure time for the LSA review. If your proposal arrives later in that period prior to the UMOR deadline it may not make the UMOR deadline and will be held until the following competition.


  • Most UMOR Programs 15th of February, April, June, August, October, December
  • Publication Subvention 15th of February, June, & October
  • Core Facilities/Shared Equipment 15th of February, June, & October
  • Small Grants for Major Conferences 15th of February, June, & October
  • Research Maintenance for Sponsored Projects 15th of September & January

Attend an Event / Conference

Organize an Event / Conference

Scholarship / Research

Michigan Humanities Award

The Ralph Baldwin Prize in Astrophysics and Space Science



Salary Supplements (aka, Topping Off)

eGIF Application Examples

Budget justification example * (PDF)

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