Ralph B. Baldwin Prize in Astrophysics and Space Sciences Recipients:

Year   Recipient Department
2012   Zhaohuan Zhu Astronomy
2011   Catherine Kublik Mathematics
2010   Sarah Ragan Astronomy
2009   Alex Glocer Space Science (AOSS)
2008   Matthew Walker Astronomy
2007   Yue Deng Space Science (AOSS)
2006   Jifeng Liu Astronomy
2005   Maritza Tavarez-Brown Astronomy
2004   no award  
2003   Alex Athey Astronomy
2002   Gerd Steinle-Neuman Geological Science
2002   Kenneth Calvin Hansen Space Science (AOSS)
2001   no award  
2000   Brian Charles Lee Physics
1999   Joel R. Parriott Astronomy
1998   no award  
1997   Christopher Metzler Physics
1996   Rachel A. Pildis Astronomy
1995   Stephen S. Lawrence
 (1st Recipient)   


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