Extension or Termination of Appointments

Since Research Fellow appointments are term limited most Research Fellows will
reach the end of their three‐year term and move on to other career choices. If the
faculty mentor wishes to extend an appointment for a Fellow, after three years, and
funds are identified, a request to move to a staff position or Research Faculty could
be considered through the normal process. If the faculty mentor or department has
extenuating circumstances for retaining the Research Fellow in this title beyond the
initial three years a written request, with the justification, should be sent to the
appropriate Divisional Associate Dean for review. A request for this exception should
only be for one year and must include a mentoring plan.  Requests to extend the appointment for a fifth year, the maximum allowed by the University, also should include a reason for the extension and a mentoring plan explaining how the faculty member and department is going to assist the Research Fellow in his or her career advancement. 

The SPG title of Senior Research Fellow applies to a fellow from another university
where the candidate held the title of Research Fellow. The College of LSA does not
have a promotion process for fellows to the Senior Research Fellow title. At the end
of the fellow's appointment period,the department should prepare a lay‐
off/termination form. If the fellow resigns, a letter of resignation should accompany
this form. If the department terminates the fellow, a copy of the termination letter
should accompany the form.


Reviewed November 24, 2014 

Extension Letter (Word document)

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