Course Requirements

If you enter a Ph.D. program without a relevant M.A. from another institution, you will need to complete a minimum of 45 hours of graduate coursework in your first three years in the program. If you enter with a relevant M.A. from another institution, you will need to complete a minimum of 30 hours of graduate coursework in your first two years in the program. This coursework includes:

  • Romance Languages 681–Introduction to Graduate Study, to be taken during the first term
  • Romance Linguisitcs 528–Teaching Romance Linguistics, to be taken in the first semester in which you are to teach as a GSI. (This requirement may be waived by permission of the Elementary Language Director in the section in which you are to teach.) If you are interested in second language acquisition as a secondary field you may count this course as one of your cognates.
  • four credits hours satisfying the Rackham Graduate School's cognate requirement
  • three credit hours of 990 in preparation for preliminary examinations (to be taken in the sixth term if you enter without a relevant M.A., and in the fourth or fifth term if you enter with a relevant M.A.)

You should select courses in consultation with your mentors. Mentoring committees should express the department faculty’s commitment to the importance of breadth in graduate education, keeping in mind the many different ways in which such breadth might be conceived and related to your interests.

Second-Language Requirement
Following discussion with your mentors, you should select a second language that will be particularly relevant to your research interests (e.g. Latin for medievalists, Arabic for Maghrebian studies, Nahuatl for Mesoamerican Colonial Studies). You are encouraged to plan how you will satisfy this second language requirement early in your graduate studies.

You are expected to demonstrate a reading proficiency in a second language before admission to candidacy (no later than the end of the sixth term, or fourth term if you entered with a relevant M.A. from another institution). This requirement can be satisfied by:

  • achieving a grade of B or higher either in the University of Michigan intensive reading and translation course sequence (113), or in the equivalent of a fourth-semester (or more advanced) course in the proposed language, taken as an undergraduate or graduate at U-M or elsewhere
  • demonstrating comprehension of an appropriate passage(s) from a book-length work chosen by you and related to the field of intended research. Comprehension will be evaluated by a faculty member appointed by the graduate chair. You may demonstrate comprehension either orally or in writing, either with or without the use of a dictionary, at the discretion of the faculty member, who will inform you in advance of the form of evaluation to be used.

Please see the additional requirements for completing the Ph.D.: fourth-term review; preliminary examinations; and prospectus, portfolio, and dissertation.

Questions? Contact the Graduate Assistant.