Non-Academic Resources

Academic Job Search

Career Center resources for PhDs seeking academic careers including the job search process, interviewing, job listing web sites, and negotiating the offer.

Community Diversity

Univeristy organizations and networks that support a diverse community.


Search for University of Michigan and external fellowships, scholarships, and grants.

Grad Care Health Insurance

Information about what is covered by Grad Care. Coverage often at no cost to students due to graduate instructorships or fellowships.

Hatcher Graduate Library

Library electronic resources and collection information.

Instructional Support Services

Provides classroom and instructional support, instructional consulting, media center and equipment loans.

International Student Guide

Includes information about travel, resources, and rules for international graduate students.

LSA Course Guide

Search for graduate seminars offered in other LSA departments. Graduate credit is awarded for 400-level courses or higher.

Student Financial Services

Includes resourses regarding your account, payments, and taxes.