• Mattia Beghelli

    Mattia Beghelli

    Cinema and contemporary Italian literature


  • Pierluigi Erbaggio

    Pierluigi Erbaggio

    LUCE newsreels and Mussolini’s writings in the United States from the late 1920s to the mid-1930s. Recipient of an RLL Teaching Award and a Lacroute One-Term Dissertation Fellowship


  • Francesca Minonne

    Francesca Minonne

    Contemporary literature published in Italy and Argentina that explores the long history of migration and return migration between these two countries.


  • Roberto Mosciatti

    Roberto Mosciatti

    Philosophy, political theory, and literature


  • Alessia Salamina

    Alessia Salamina

    Medievalist interested in vernacular literatures and visual arts in Trecento Tuscany.


  • Vincenzo Salvatore

    Vincenzo Salvatore

    The intersections between critical theory, comparative literatures and political philosophy with a focus on the power of representation and global imagination in public discourse. MLB 3005


  • Roberto Vezzani

    Roberto Vezzani

    Distribution and the reception of Italian films in the United States during the Fascist era, especially during the 1930s