• caron interim

    David Caron

    Professor of French
    Interim Graduate Chair
    4218 MLB 1275

    20th-21st Century literature and culture, Queer Studies, HIV/AIDS, Holocaust & Jewish Studies, World Queer Cinema734.647.2665 /

  • Alina Clej

    Alina Clej

    Associate Professor of French

    19th and 20th Century French Literature and Culture; Comparative Literature; European Studies; 20th Century Art and Architecture734-647-2331 /

  • Rachael Criso

    Rachael Criso

    Lecturer IV of French 4040 MLB 1275

    Business French, French Summer Internship Program; 20th Century French Literature: WWII Literature, Narratology, Nouveau Roman, Editions de Minuit734.647.9803 /

  • Frieda Ekotto

    Frieda Ekotto

    Professor of French 4124 MLB 1275

    20th and 21st century literature, culture and cinema, Africana Studies, Critical Race Theory and Comparative Literature734.764.5368 /

  • Sabine_Gabaron_RLL

    Sabine Gabaron

    Lecturer IV of French 3307 MLB

    La Bande Dessinée (French Comics), the French medical system, Cross-cultural comparisons, Second language acquisition, Linguistics and phonetics, the use of technology in the classroom734.647.2398 /

  • Michele Hannoosh

    Michele Hannoosh

    Professor of French 4208 MLB 1275

    Nineteenth-century French literature, art, and society; art criticism, relations between the arts; the city, Walter Benjamin, the history of modernity; the representation of history; parody; comparative literature; the Mediterranean734.647.2339 /

  • Jarrod Hayes

    Jarrod Hayes

    Professor of French 4220 MLB 1275

    Contemporary French and Francophone Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Postcolonial Theory734.647.2670 /

  • George Hoffman

    George Hoffmann

    Professor of French
    On leave Fall 2014
    4126 MLB 1275

    16th-Century French Literature; Object Theory, Post-Secular Theory734.647.2329 /

  • Peggy McCracken 8/14

    Peggy McCracken

    Domna C. Stanton Collegiate Professor of French, Women's Studies, and Comparative Literature
    On leave 2014-2015
    4206 MLB 1275

    Medieval French Literature, Medieval Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Women's Studies734.647.2338 /

  • Kathleen Meyer

    Kathleen Meyer

    Lecturer IV of French 4028 MLB 1275

    Teaching and coordinating elementary French; The study abroad experience; Identity challenges in France today; Life in France during the Occupation; Second Language Acquisition; Using technology in the classroom734.647.2356 /

  • William Paulson

    William Paulson

    Edward Lorraine Walter Collegiate Professor of French 4224 MLB 1275

    18th- & 19th-Century French Literature; Literary Theory; Contemporary Literature; Relations of Culture, Science, & Technology734.647.2675 /

  • Lorrel Sullivan

    Lorrel Sullivan

    Lecturer IV of French 4038 MLB 1275

    734.647.3315 /

  • Yannick Viers

    Yannick Viers

    Lecturer IV of French 4006 MLB 1275

    734.647.2349 /