Graduate Program Faculty

  • Paulina Alberto

    Paulina Alberto

    Associate Professor of Spanish, Portuguese, and History 4422 MLB 1275

    Modern Latin American History and Historiography; Brazil and Argentina; Ideologies of Race, Nation, and Citizenship; Intellectual/Cultural History; Afro-Latin America/Diaspora734.763.3208 /

  • Fernando Arenas

    Fernando Arenas

    Professor of Lusophone African, Brazilian, and Portuguese Studies 4202 MLB 1275

    Lusophone Cultural Studies (cinema, popular music, literature, history, critical theory). Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and São Tomé & Príncipe. Transatlantic Studies, (Post)colonialism, globalization, migrations, Afro-Diasporas734.647.2337 /

  • Giorgio Bertellini

    Giorgio Bertellini

    Associate Professor of Italian and Screen Arts and Cultures 6330 North Quad. 1045

    Silent Cinema History, Transnational Visual Culture, Italian Cinema734.763.1144 /

  • Vincenzo Binetti

    Vincenzo A. Binetti

    Professor of Italian 4004 MLB 1275

    19th-20th Century Italian Literature; Cultural Studies; Film; the radical movements of the 1960s and 1970s; relations between Literature, Philosophy, and Political Theory734.647.2685 /

  • caron interim

    David Caron

    Professor of French 4218 MLB 1275

    20th-21st Century literature and culture, Queer Studies, HIV/AIDS, Holocaust & Jewish Studies, World Queer Cinema734.647.2665 /

  • Alina Clej

    Alina Clej

    Associate Professor of French

    19th and 20th Century French Literature and Culture; Comparative Literature; European Studies; 20th Century Art and Architecture734-647-2331 /

  • Alison Cornish

    Alison Cornish

    Professor of Italian
    On leave 2014-2015
    4216 MLB 1275

    Italian Literature, Medieval and Renaissance, Dante, Translation, Vernacularity, Science and Literature, Music and Literature, Renaissance Drama734.764.4382 /

  • Nilo Couret

    Nilo Couret

    Assistant Professor of Spanish MLB 4214

    Latin American Cinema and Popular Culture, Post-Independence Cinemas of Africa and Asia, European Cinema, Trauma Studies and Affect Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Film and Media

  • Steven Dworkin

    Steven Dworkin

    Professor of Romance Linguistics and Spanish 4144 MLB 1275

    Linguistics, Medieval Spanish Linguistics734.764.4381 /

  • Frieda Ekotto

    Frieda Ekotto

    Professor of French 4700 Haven Hall

    20th and 21st century literature, culture and cinema, Africana Studies, Critical Race Theory and Comparative Literature734-764-5513 /

  • Olga Gallego

    Olga Gallego

    Lecturer IV of Spanish 4022 MLB 1275

    Elementary Language Instruction, Applied Linguistics/Second Language Acquisition734.647.2354 /

  • E. Garcia Santo-Tomas 3

    Enrique García Santo-Tomás

    Frank P. Casa Collegiate Professor of Spanish

    Early Modern Spanish Literature734.647.2333 /

  • Mayte Green-Mercado

    Marya T. Green-Mercado

    Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Studies MLB 4402

    Religious, cultural, and political history of the early modern Iberian, Mediterranean, and Islamic

  • Michele Hannoosh

    Michele Hannoosh

    Professor of French 4208 MLB 1275

    Nineteenth-century French literature, art, and society; art criticism, relations between the arts; the city, Walter Benjamin, the history of modernity; the representation of history; parody; comparative literature; the Mediterranean734.647.2339 /

  • Jarrod Hayes

    Jarrod Hayes

    Professor of French 4220 MLB 1275

    Contemporary French and Francophone Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Postcolonial Theory734.647.2670 /

  • Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola

    Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Spanish 4142 MLB 1275

    Latin American Literature, Critical Theory, Comparative Literature, Trans-Atlantic Studies, The Politics of Publishing, Censorship and Literary Markets, The Culture Industry734.647.2336 /

  • Juli Highfill

    Juli Highfill

    Professor of Spanish
    On leave 2014-2015
    4222 MLB 1275

    19th and 20th century literature, the Spanish and Argentine historic avant-gardes, material and visual culture, early cinema in Spain, literary and cultural theory734.763.5249 /

  • George Hoffman

    George Hoffmann

    Professor of French
    Graduate Chair
    4126 MLB 1275

    16th-Century French Literature; Object Theory, Post-Secular Theory734.647.2329 /

  • Kate Jenckes

    Kate Jenckes

    Associate Professor of Spanish 4404 MLB 1275

    Contemporary Latin American literature, Southern Cone, literary and cultural theory, visual arts, cultural studies, poetry, testimony734.647.3028 /

  • Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

    Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

    Associate Professor of Spanish
    Director, Latina/o Studies Program
    4408 MLB 1275

    Latin American, Caribbean and US Latino/Latina Literature and Culture; Theater and Performance Studies; Queer, Lesbian and Gay Studies; Women’s and Gender Studies734.763.0510 /

  • Victoria Langland

    Victoria Langland

    Associate Professor of History and Portuguese MLB 4406

    734.763.4624 /

  • Ana María León

    Assistant Professor of Spanish and History of Art 4008 MLB

  • Karla Mallette

    Karla Mallette

    Professor of Italian 4010 MLB 1275

    Medieval Mediterranean literature in Italian, Arabic, Latin; translation between Greek, Arabic and Latin during the Middle Ages734.647.2351 /

  • Peggy McCracken 8/14

    Peggy McCracken

    Domna C. Stanton Collegiate Professor of French, Women's Studies, and Comparative Literature
    On leave 2014-2015
    4206 MLB 1275

    Medieval French Literature, Medieval Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Women's Studies734.647.2338 /

  • Cristina Moreiras-Menor

    Cristina Moreiras-Menor

    Department Chair
    Professor of Spanish and Women's Studies
    4210 MLB 1275

    Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature and Film (19th-21st Iberian Studies), Psychoanalysis, Cultural and Political Theory, and Women's Studies734.647.2475 /

  • Daniel Nemser

    Daniel Nemser

    Assistant Professor of Spanish
    On leave 2014-2015
    4122 MLB 1275

    Colonial Latin American literature, history and historiography, race, Nahuatl textuality/indigenous studies.734.647.2328 /

  • W. Paulson

    William Paulson

    Associate Chair
    Edward Lorraine Walter Collegiate Professor of French
    4224 MLB 1275

    18th- & 19th-Century French Literature; Literary Theory; Contemporary Literature; Relations of Culture, Science, & Technology734.647.2675 /

  • Jaime Rodríguez Matos

    Jaime Rodriguez Matos

    Assistant Professor of Spanish 4136 MLB 1275

    Caribbean literature, Latin American poetry, Latino/a culture, political theory and philosophy734.764.4397 /

  • Javier Sanjinés

    Javier Sanjinés

    Professor of Spanish 4204 MLB 1275

    Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies734.764.4396 /

  • Teresa Satterfield

    Teresa Satterfield

    Associate Professor of Spanish 4138 MLB 1275

    Romance linguistics, (first) language acquisition, bilingualism, syntactic theory, language variation and contact, computational models of language734.647.2332 /

  • Paolo Squatriti

    Paolo Squatriti

    Associate Professor of Italian 4138 MLB 1275

    Italian History and Culture; Medieval European History; Landscape and Power; Technology and Resource Use; Environment734.647.4897 /

  • Szpiech Place Holder

    Ryan Szpiech

    Associate Professor of Spanish 4140 MLB 1275

    Medieval Iberian Literatures, Converso Studies, Medieval Islam, Religious Polemics734.647.2334 /

  • Gustavo_Verdesio_RLL

    Gustavo Verdesio

    Associate Professor of Spanish 4212 MLB 1275

    Colonial Studies, Native American Studies, Pre-Contact Indigenous Societies, Material Culture, Popular Culture, Theory734.647.2645 /

  • Sergio Villalobos Ruminott

    Sergio Villalobos Ruminott

    Associate Professor of Spanish 4422 MLB

  • Gareth Williams

    Gareth Williams

    Professor of Spanish 4130 MLB 1275

    Contemporary Latin American Literature, Film, and Cultural/Critical Theory (Deconstruction, Subaltern Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Cultural Studies)734.647.2337 /