Jarrod Hayes

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Jarrod Hayes

Professor of French

Office Location(s): 4220 MLB 1275
Phone: 734.647.2670

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • About

    My work is situated at the intersection of Queer Theory and Postcolonial Studies. Originally, I focused on representations of non-normative sexualities in Maghrebian literature, but increasingly not only has my work moved into other Francophone regions (Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, Québec, Asia, Louisiana), but it has also become more comparative (including Anglophone African literatures and Southern U.S. cultures, for example).

    My current project, Queer Roots, Queer Routes: Sexuality, Diaspora, and the Ghosts of Identity represents this expansion of my interests. In this project, I plan to examine the incorporation of the notion of roots into articulations of lesbian and gay identities in spite of the fact that the concept relies on a notion of the family tree that depends on heterosexual reproduction. A number of African and Caribbean accounts of the origins of identity, for example, propose alternative and even multiple roots, which also make room for dissident sexualities.

    I am also interested in questioning what it means to be American, particularly through the study of non-English cultures within the U.S. itself, which is why I have begun to study Louisiana as a way of queering American identity.

    Recent and Selected Publications 

    Comparatively Queer: Interrogating Identities across Time, Crossing Cultures. Ed. and intro. with Margaret Higonnet and William Spurlin. 
    New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

    "Queer Roots in Africa." Topographies of Race and Gender: Mapping Cultural Representations.Ed. Patricia Penn Hilden, Shari M.  Huhndorf, and Timothy J. Reiss. 2 vols. Spec. issue of Annals of Scholarship 17.3/ (2009): vol. 2, 151-82.

    "Approaches to Teaching the Maghrebian Novel: Allegory at the Crossroads." In Teaching the African Novel. Ed. Gaurav Desai. New York: MLA, 2009. 131-53.

    “Créolité’s Queer Mangrove.” Music, Writing and Cultural Unity in the Caribbean. Ed. Timothy J. Reiss. Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press, 2005. 307–32.

    Recent graduate courses taught: 

    French 670: African/Caribbean Literature (“Roots: Narratives of Origin and the Fiction of Identity”)
    French 670: African/Caribbean Literature (“Combat Literature”)
    French 670: African/Caribbean Literature (“African Sexualities”)
    French 680: Studies in Literary Theory (“Reading [as] Theory, Theory [as] Reading”)
    Romance Languages 681: Introduction to Graduate Study
    French 855: Special Topics Seminar (“American Races, French Cultural Studies: Towards a Comparative Approach to Critical Race Studies”)

    Recent undergraduate courses taught: 

    French 274: French and Francophone Societies and Cultures (“Reclaiming French America”)
    Women’s Studies 340: Topics in LGBT Studies (“Reading Queer: Textual Strategies for LGBTQ Studies”)
    French 342: French and Francophone Cinema Taught in English (“How Do We Look?: Desire, Seduction, and the Filmic Gaze”)
    French 362: Québec/French Canadian Studies (“‘Je me souviens’: Memory and History in Québécois Literature, Culture, and Identity”)
    French 363: Caribbean Studies (“Métissage, Gender, and Identity in the French Caribbean”)
    French 364: African Studies/Maghreb (“Our Nations, Our Selves: Writing Maghrebian Identity”)

  • Education
    • B.A., Emory University 1988
    • M.A., The City University of New York 1993
    • Ph.D., The City University of New York 1996
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • French and Francophone Literature