Nicholas Henriksen

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Nicholas Henriksen

Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Romance Languages and Literatures
  • About

    My research focuses on issues in the phonetics and phonology of different varieties of Spanish from a theoretical perspective, employing laboratory methods to validate my claims. I investigate topics in phonological structure at different levels of Spanish prosody: syllable structure, stress, intonation, rhythm, and voice quality. My most recent publications are based on the intonational structure of questions and statements in varieties of Spanish spoken in northern, central, and southern Spain, adhering to theoretical principles in autosegmental prosodic structure. I am also exploring topics related to sociophonetic variation in Manchego and Andalusian Spanish (in the latter project I collaborate with Lorenzo García-Amaya of RLL). At Michigan I have begun to research issues relating to rhythm in Spanish, and second language rhythm in particular. Specifically, I have worked on rhythm in Spanish in contact with English (in the United States) and with Afrikaans (in Argentina). The latter project is based on a collaboration with Andries Coetzee (Department of Linguistics) and Lorenzo García-Amaya.

    My latest journal articles are published in Laboratory Phonology, Language and Speech, Journal of the International Phonetic Association, Probus, and Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism. Currently, I am co-editing a volume entitled Interdisciplinary Approaches to Intonational Grammar in Ibero-Romance, published by John Benjamins Publishing Company (co-editors: Meghan Armstrong of University of Massachusetts & Maria del Mar Vanrell of Freie Universität Berlin). Our target publication date is Fall 2015.

    Recent Publications

    Henriksen, Nicholas. (In press). Syllable structure and word stress effects in Peninsular Spanish nuclear accents. Laboratory Phonology.

    Henriksen, Nicholas. (In press). Acoustic analysis of the rhotic contrast in Chicagoland Spanish: An intergenerational study. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism.

    Henriksen, Nicholas. (In press).  Secondary correlates of question signaling in Manchego Spanish.  In Sounds, representations, and methodologies: Essays on the phonetics-phonology interface, ed. by J. Romero & M. Riera. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

    Henriksen, Nicholas. (2014). Sociophonetic analysis of phonemic trill variation in two sub-varieties of Peninsular Spanish. Journal of Linguistic Geography, 2, 4-24.

    Henriksen, Nicholas. (2014). Initial peaks and final falls in the intonation of Manchego Peninsular Spanish wh-questions. Probus, 26(1), 83-134.

    Henriksen, Nicholas. (2013). Style, prosodic variation, and the social meaning of intonation. Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 43(2), 153-193.

    Undergraduate Courses Taught

    Spanish 355: Spanish in the United States
    Spanish 410: Spanish phonetics & phonology
    Spanish 487: Spanish sociolinguistics
    Spanish 487: Spanish second language phonology

  • Education
    • PhD Indiana University, 2010
    • MA Indiana University, 2006
    • BA Rutgers University, 2003
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Spanish phonetics & phonology, intonation, prosody, sociophonetics, experimental phonetics, second language speech learning