Below are some frequently asked questions about Romance Languages advising. If you are looking for information concerning Study Abroad advising, click here. Keep in mind that we may not offer advising appointments during the spring and summer half-terms, as most faculty are on leave at that time.

When do I need to see an RLL major/minor advisor?

  • You are planning to study abroad or are returning from studying abroad (more info)
  • You have questions about your major or minor requirements
  • You are preparing to graduate and need a release form completed for your major or minor
  • You need advice about which classes to take

Am I required to see an RLL major/minor advisor?

If you wish to declare your major or minor but do not have any questions for an advisor, you can visit the RLL Main Office, 4108 MLB, to fill out the paperwork. You are required to see an RLL advisor for senior audits. You are also required to see an RLL advisor both before and after you study abroad to have your courses approved for your degree requirements.

Can I meet with a faculty advisor immediately?

No, for several reasons. Our advisors are all faculty members who set aside specific times each week to concentrate on advising. During these times, they need to have your file available so that they can give you the best advice for your specific situation. Therefore, we strongly encourage students to plan wisely and see an advisor early in the term to avoid last-minute emergencies. If you have an urgent advising question, please contact our Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator at (734) 615-3198.
Note: LSA students may visit Academic Advising, 1255 Angell Hall or call (734) 764-0332, for help with academic issues not specifically related to Romance Languages requirements.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made online, by calling (734) 764-5344, or by visiting the RLL Main Office in person at 4108 MLB. Appointments cannot be made through e-mail. Please keep in mind that the earliest appointment will not be on the next day because we need a minimum of 24 hours to request your file. We also ask that you do not schedule advising appointments in other departments on the same day because your file can only be in one department at a time.

Can I see the same RLL advisor every time?

Yes, if their availability matches yours. All advisors are trained to answer the same questions, however, so you do not need to worry about seeing the same advisor each time.

What should I do if I cannot keep my appointment?

Please call the RLL Main Office at (734) 764-5344 as soon as you know you cannot attend an appointment. Advisors are eager to help students, but their time is limited. When you miss an appointment, you have taken time that could have been given to another student. Please be courteous and call ahead!

Questions? Contact the Undergraduate Assistant.