LSA Language Requirement (link)

Auditing RLL Courses (link)

If you are interested in officially auditing (or visiting) a course in Romance Languages, you may review the LSA policy for electing this option. We are unable to accept unofficial auditors (or students who wish to "sit in" on a course).

Attendance Policy

If you miss either of the first two meetings of a Romance language class, you may be dropped for non-attendance. You may also be dropped from a class if you do not meet the prerequisites for that course (see grade needed to advance and placement tests).

Questions? Contact the Undergraduate Assistant.

Upper-Level Course Registration Process

SP 280 & above | FR 235 & above | IT 235 & above | Portuguese above 232

Elementary Course Registration Process - Fall & Winter

SP 100-277 | FR 100-232 | IT 100-233 | Portuguese 100-232

Elementary Course Registration Process - Spring & Summer

SP 100-277 | FR 100-232 | IT 100-233 | Portuguese 100-232

Grade needed to advance