Elementary Course Registration Process - Spring & Summer

  • Students seeking to enroll in our courses should either register or join a waitlist in Wolverine Access.
  • Once the term begins, instructors take attendance of the enrolled students.  Enrolled students who miss “either of the first two meetings of any course offered by the Department of Romance Languages may be dropped from the course for non-attendance” (per the RLL attendance policy).
  • Overrides are issued in waitlist order for any available seats during the first two business days of the term.  RLL language courses are closed to any further direct enrollment or waitlisting after the second business day of the term.
  • Overrides issued on the first business day of the term are valid for 24 hours.
  • Students seeking to switch to a section with no seats available need to join the Wolverine Access waitlist for that section.  Should seats become available during the first two business days of the term, overrides will be issued in waitlist order.  When enrolled students join a waitlist for another RLL language section, they give up their original seats.
  • Please note:  If a waitlisted student receives an override to enroll in a class, but doesn’t register before the override expires, the system drops the student from the waitlist at that time.