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Race or Ethnicity: A College Requirement

Students who are new to the College of LS&A (that is, first time enrolled as an LS&A student) in the Fall Term of 1991, and thereafter, must (in any term before graduation) receive credit for one of the approved Race or Ethnicity (ROE) courses such as appear in this listing. Each term's listing will vary as courses are added or deleted by the College of LS&A Curriculum Committee. At the time of this publication only University Courses 298 and 299 have been granted blanket approval for meeting the requirement. Otherwise it is most important that you are careful to elect the section of the course taught by the faculty member whose name is listed with the course. Other sections of the course have not been approved to meet this requirement and may not be substituted. Courses meeting the ROE requirement may also help meet either distribution or concentration or composition requirements.

Courses approved to meet the Race or Ethnicity requirement will address issues arising from racial or ethnic intolerance. In approving the requirement, the faculty of the College made the following statements:

Required content. All courses satisfying the requirement must provide discussion, consistent with disciplinary approaches, of (1) the meaning of race, ethnicity, and racism; (2) racial and ethnic intolerance and resulting inequality as it occurs in the United States or elsewhere; (3) comparisons of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, social class, or gender.

Required focus. (1) Every course satisfying the requirement must devote substantial but not necessarily exclusive attention to the required content. Courses may meet this requirement by various means consistent with disciplines or fields of study, and faculty members from all departments are urged to think creatively about how their fields might contribute to the requirement. (2) Although it is hoped that many of these courses will focus on the United States, it is not required that they do so. Courses that deal with these issues in other societies, or that study them comparatively, may also meet the requirement.

Advanced Placement credit can not be applied toward this requirement.

Please direct any questions regarding fulfillment of the LS&A Race or Ethnicity requirement to your advisor or to LS&A Checkpoint at POINT-10 (764-6810).

This list is subject to change by the College of LS&A Curriculum Committee.

Spring 1992 Race or Ethnicity Courses

Afroamerican and African Studies (Division 311)

458. Issues in Black World Studies. (2). (Excl). May be elected for a total of six credits.
Section 101 Introduction to British Caribbean History. (Liverpool).
*retroactive addition 7/7/92

Cultural Anthropology (Division 319)

101. Introduction to Anthropology. (4). (SS).
***retroactive addition 10/5/93

Summer 1992 Race or Ethnicity Courses

American Culture (Division 315)

210. Topics in Ethnic Studies. (3). (SS). May be repeated for credit with permision.
Section 201 Autobiographies by Women of Color. (Winand)
**retroactive addition 2/18/93

240/WS 240. Introduction to Women's Studies. Open to all undergraduates. (4). (HU).

Women's Studies (Division 497)

240/Amer. Cult. 240. Introduction to Women's Studies. Open to all undergraduates. (4). (HU).

*retroactive addition 7/792

**retroactive addition 2/18/93

***retroactive addition 10/5/93



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