The College requires all students to complete the Junior/Senior component of the LS&A Writing Requirement. Students must have at least 55 cumulative credits toward their program before they are eligible to complete this requirement. Specifically, the Junior/Senior Writing Requirement involves successful completion of an approved course or writing program, preferably in the student's field of concentration or special academic interest. Each term the English Composition Board provides a list of such approved courses. A course approved to meet the Junior/Senior part of the Writing Requirement one term is not necessarily approved in a subsequent term. You may call POINT-10 (764-6810) to find out if the course you want is approved for a particular term as well as to learn if any spaces in the class are still available at CRISP. Enrollment in and completion of a course certified by the English Composition Board as a Junior/Senior Writing Course does not automatically guarantee fulfillment of the writing requirement. Students planning to use an approved course to meet the Junior/Senior Writing Requirement must designate the course as such by WRITING ECB in the MODIFIER BOX of the ELECTION WORKSHEET. The courses approved by the ECB are listed below.

FALL 1992

This list is subject to change by the English Composition Board. Updated versions are posted on the bulletin boards outside 1419 Mason Hall and 1213 Angell Hall. Check these locations to learn about additions or deletions or call POINT-10 (764-6810) or you can access an updated list through MTS on CCID:PT10@um(JR-SR.FALL).

American Culture

496. Historical Approaches to American Culture.

Sect. 005 Working Class Culture in America.

Sect. 006 The Urban Political Machine in America.

Sect. 007 Presidential Campaign Primer: Lessons about Organization, Issues, Image and Media in 1976.

Sect. 008 Old Age in U.S. History.

498. Literary Approaches to American Culture.

Sect. 003 Henry James in Context.

Sect. 004 Native American Literature.


Biological 368/Psychology 437. Primate Social Behavior. (Sections 005-006).

Cultural 385. The Archaeology of Early Man. (Sect. 001.)

Asian Studies

441. Asia Through Fiction. (Sect. 001.)


429. Senior Seminar. (Sect. 001.)


301. Writing for Biologists. (Sect. 001-010)


479. Technical Communication in Chemistry. (Sect. 001.)

Classical Civilization

388/Phil. 388. History of Philosophy: Ancient. (Sect. 003 Only.)


302. Writing for the Mass Media. (Sections 001-005.)

405. Media and the Arts. (Sect. 001-002.)

417. Analyzing Television. (Sect. 001.)

Computer Science

481/EECS 481. Software Engineering. (Sections 001-004.)


333. Economics of Industrial Policy. (Sect. 001.)

407. Marxist Economics. (Sect. 001.)

471/Nat. Res. 571. Environmental Economics. (Sect. 001).

495. Seminar in Economics.
Sect. 001 Seminar in Economics for Public Policy.


302. Writing About Good Books.
(Sect. 001.)

329. Practical English. (Sect. 001-002.)

350. Literature in English to 1660.
(Sect. 001.)

370. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature.

Sect. 001 The Elizabethan World.

Sect. 002 Love and Heroism.

Sect. 003 Pills to Purge Nostalgia: A Specific for Hope.

Sect. 004

371. Studies in Literature, 1600-1830.

Sect. 002 Wordsworth, Goethe, Byron, Melville.

Sect. 003 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature.

Sect. 004 Other Worlds.

411. Art of the Film.

Sect. 001 Film Theory and Criticism.

417. Senior Seminar. (Sections 001-011)

Environmental Studies

360/Geology 280. Mineral Resources, Politics and the Environment.

Film and Video

414. Film Theory and Criticism.
(Sect. 001.)


280/Environ. Stud. 360. Mineral Resources, Politics, and the Environment. (Sect. 001.)


396. History Colloquium.

Sect. 001 Old Age in U.S. History.

Sect. 002 The West in Asia, 1498.

Sect. 003 Working class Culture in America.

Sect. 004 Family and Community in Early Modern Europe.

Sect. 005 Presidential Campaign Primer: Lessons about Organization, Issues, Image and Media in 1976.

Sect. 007 The Urban Political Machine in America.

397. History Colloquium.

Sect. 001 Asia Through Fiction.

History of Art

383. Art of Southeast Asia. (Sect. 001.)


350. Principles of Second Language Learning and Instruction.


388/Class.Civilization 388. History of Philosophy: Ancient.
(Sect. 003 Only.)


465. Senior Seminar. (Sect. 001.)

496. Senior Thesis I. (All Sections.)

497. Senior Thesis II. (All Sections.)

Political Science

413. American Constitutional Politics. (Sect. 001.)

423. Politics of the Metropolis.
(Sect. 001.)

431. Public Administration. (Sect. 001.)

460. Problems in World Politics.
(Sect. 001.)

465. Political Development and Dependence. (Sect. 001.)

473. Foreign Policy of the European Powers. (Sect. 001.)

496. Undergraduate Seminar in American Government and Politics
Sect. 001 Political Socialization.


341. Superlab. (All Sections.)

342. Laboratory in Judgement and Decision Making.
(Sect. 001).

350. Introduction to Developmental Psychology.
(Sections 002 and 005 Only)

351. Advanced Laboratory in Developmental Psychology.
(Sect. 001)

360. Introduction to Organizational Psychology.
(Sections 002 and 006 Only.)

370. Introduction to Psychopathology.
(Sect. 011 and 016 Only)

381. Advanced Laboratory in Social Psychology.
(Sect. 001 and 002 Only.)

391. Advanced laboratory in Personality. (Sect. 001 only).

437/Biol.Anthro. 368. Primate Social Behavior.
(Sections 005-006.)

442. Perception, Science, and Reality. (Sect. 001).

570. The Psychological Study of Lives. (Sect. 001).

575. Perspectives in Advanced Psychopathology.
(Sect. 001).

581. Advanced Topics in Social Psychology
Sect. 001 Lives in Social Context.

Residential College


313/Slavic Film 313. Soviet Cinema. (Sections 001-003.)

410. Upperclass Literature Seminar. (Sect. 002 ONLY.)

451/Russian 451. Survey of Russian Literature. (Sect. 001.)

Social Science

360. Social Science Junior Seminar.

Sect. 003 Culture as Environment.


320. Advanced Narration. (Sect. 001.)

325. Creative Writing Tutorial.
(Sect. 001-003)

326. Creative Writing Tutorial.
(Sect. 001-003)

425. Creative Writing Tutorial.
(Sect. 001-003)

426. Creative Writing Tutorial.
(Sect. 001-003)

* Only Residential College Creative Writing Concentrators may use RC Humanities 320, 325, 326, 425, and 426, the Creative Writing Tutorials, to satisfy the college writing requirement.

Romance Languages and Literatures

French 460. Topics and Themes in French Literature.
Sect. 001 The Medieval Storyteller.

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Russian 451/RC Hums. 451. Survey of Russian Literature. (Sect. 001.)

Slavic Film 313/RC Hums. 313. Soviet Cinema. (Sections 001-003.)


310. Introduction to Research Methods.
(Sect. 001-005.)

454. Law and Social Organization.
(Sect. 001.)


402. Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis.
(Sections 026, 031 and 032 only.)

Women's Studies

480. Special Topics.
Sect. 001 Sappho and the Lyric Tradition.


Technical Communication
(Division 291)

486. Design of Computer Documentation. (Sect. 001.)

492. Visual Communication of Tech Information. (Sect. 001.)

498. Technical and Professional Writing. (All Sections.)

ONLY students in the LS&A/Engineering Joint Degree Program and Computer Science concentrators may use these courses to satisfy the JR/SR Writing Requirement. While these courses may be used to meet the JR/SR Writing Requirement, the credits are counted as NON-LS&A.

This list reflects information available as of 7/29/92