The College requires all students to complete the Junior/Senior component of the LS&A Writing Requirement. Students must have completed introductory composition and have at least 55 cumulative credits toward their program before they are eligible to complete this requirement. Students must enroll in an approved course or writing program, preferably in the student's field of concentration or specific academic interest. Students must write "ECB" in the modifier box on the election worksheet. The course instructor must certify that the student has met the requirement at the end of the term. Each term the English Composition Board provides a list of such approved courses. A course approved to meet the Junior/Senior part of the Writing Requirement one term is not necessarily approved in a subsequent term. You may call POINT- 10 (764- 6810) to find out if the course you want is approved for a particular term as well as to learn if any spaces in the class are still available at CRISP. The courses approved by the ECB for this term are listed below.


Afroamerican and African Studies

335/Religion 310. Religion in the Afro-American Experience. (3). (HU). (Miles)

American Culture

410. Hispanics in the United States. (3). (Excl).
Section 001 Women in Prison: (Jose-Kampfner)

490/Film-Video 451. American Film Genres. (4). (HU).
Sections 002-004. (De la Vega-Hurtado)

496. Historical Approaches to American Culture. (3). (Excl).
Section 002 Michigan in the Era of Industrialization. (Blouin)
Section 005 Social History of the Civil War.
Section 006 History of the Cold War. (Perkins)

498. Literary Approaches to American Culture. (3). (Excl).
Section 002 Narratives of the Borderland Self. (Behar)


Biological 361. Biology, Society, and Culture. (3). (NS).

Cultural 330. Culture, Thought, and Meaning. (4). (HU).

Cultural 356. Topics in Ethnology. (3). (Excl).
Section 002 Narratives of the Borderland Self. (Behar)

Cultural 458. Topics in Cultural Anthropology. (3). (Excl).
Section 001 Sex and Violence Across Genres and Cultures. (Kottak/Rabkin)

Asian Languages and Cultures

Chinese 472. Traditional Chinese Drama and Fiction in Translation. (3). (HU). (Rolston)

Japanese 450. Undergraduate Seminar in Japanese Literature. (3). (Excl). Section 001 The Tale of Genji and the World of Women Writers in Early Japan. (Danly)

Asian Studies

381. Junior/Senior Colloquium for Concentrators. (3). (Excl).
Section 001 Development, Nationalism, and War in 20th Century Asia. (Murphey)
Section 002 Procreating Japan: Ancient Myths and Histories. (Tonomura)


301. Writing for Biologists. (3). (Excl). (Helling)


479. Technical Communication in Chemistry. (1). (Excl).

Classical Studies

Classical Civilization 460/Women's Studies 460. Theorizing Women in Antiquity. (3). (HU). (Rappe)


302. Writing for the Mass Media. (3). (Excl).
Sections 001 & 002 Feature Writing for the Mass Media. (Hall)
Sections 003 & 004 Corporate Communication/ Integrated Marketing. (Moseley)
Section 005 Advertising. (Kalisewicz)
Section 006 Magazine Feature Writing. (Stevens)

405. The Media and the Arts. (3). (Excl).
Sections 001-002. (Nisbett)

427. Preparation of Radio and TV Continuity. (3). (Excl).

Computer Science

481/EECS 481. Software Engineering. (4). (Excl).


491/Hist. 491. The History of the American Economy. (3). (Excl). (Levenstein)

495. Seminar in Economics. (3). (Excl).
Section 001 The United States Macroeconomy, 1970-1994. (Barsky)
Section 002 Information Superhighway Economics. (MacKie-Mason)
Section 003 Applied Microeconomic Modeling. (Salant)

English Language and Literature

317. Literature and Culture. (3). (HU).
Section 001 Bigotry and Maturity in the Literature of Several Cultures. (Fader)

325. Essay Writing: The Art of Exposition. (4). (Excl).
Section 003 The Mask. (Back)
Section 007. (Kowalski)
Section 009. (Livesay)

351. Literature in English after 1660. (4). (Excl).
Section 001-007. (Williams)

370. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature. (4). (Excl).
Section 001 English Medieval Romances. (Lenaghan)
Section 002 Epic and Romance. (McSparran)
Section 003 Religious and Political Controversy and Poetry. (Schwartz)

371. Studies in Literature, 1600-1830. (4). (Excl).
Section 002 Eighteenth Century Literature and the Other Arts. (Cloyd)
Section 003 "Kind" and "Humankind". (English)
Section 004 Eighteenth-Century Literature in its Cultural Context. (Henderson)
Section 005 Squeaking Boy and Roaring Girl: Acting the Self. (Skantze)

417. Senior Seminar. (4). (Excl).
Section 001 Native American Literature. (Faller)
Section 002 Sex and Violence Across Genres and Cultures. (Kottak/Rabkin)
Section 003 Found in Translation. (Shammas)
Section 004 "All the World's A(dapted for) the Stage." (Skantze)

Film and Video Studies

414. Film Theory and Criticism. (3). (Excl). (Konigsberg)

451/Amer. Cult. 490. American Film Genres. (4). (HU).
Sections 002-004. (De la Vega-Hurtado)


396. History Colloquium. (4). (SS).
Section 001 The Church and the Jews. (Bodian)
Section 002 Social History of the U.S. Civil War. (Vinovskis)
Section 003 Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and America. (Kivelson)
Section 004 Public and Private Spheres in Ancient Greece. (Humphreys)
Section 005 Law and Authority in Modern European History. (Burney)
Section 006 Michigan in the Era of Industrialization. (Blouin)
Section 007 History of the Cold War. (Perkins)
Section 008 Nationalist Culture. (Spector)

491/Econ. 491. The History of the American Economy. (3). (Excl). (Levenstein)

History of Art

341. The Gothic Age. (3). (HU).
Section 001 Art of Medieval Paris. (Sears)


318. Types of Language. (3). (Excl). (Hook)

Near Eastern Studies

GNE 330. Introduction to Arabic Culture and Language. (4). (Excl). (Rammuny)

GNE 446. Modern Near Eastern Literature. (3). (HU).

GNE 469. Jewish Civilization. (3). (SS). (Schramm)


389. History of Philosophy: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. (4). (HU). Section 005 only. (Loeb)


465. Physics Seminar. (2). (Excl).

Political Science

414. The Politics of Civil Liberties and Civil Rights. (3). (Excl). (Brandon)

418/WS 418. Women and the Political System. (3). (Excl).

472. International Security Affairs. (3). (Excl). (Huth)

475. Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy. (3). (Excl).
Section 001 Russian Foreign Policy. (Zimmerman)


330. Introduction to Biopsychology. (4). (NS).
Sections 005 and 008. (Bazzett)

331. Laboratories in Biopsychology. (4). (Excl).
Section 001 Only. (Holmes)

340. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology. (4). (NS).
Sections 002 and 007 Only. (G.Olson)

341. Superlab in Psychology as a Natural Science. (4). (NS).
Sections 001-003. (Zurbriggen)

350. Introduction to Developmental Psychology. (4). (SS).
Sections 006 & 007 Only. (Volling)

351. Advanced Laboratory in Developmental Psychology. (3). (Excl). Sections 001-003 Only. (Wellman)

361. Advanced Laboratory in Organizational Psychology. Section 001.

370. Introduction to Psychopathology. (4). (SS).
Section 011 & 012 Only. (Leary)

380. Introduction to Social Psychology. (4). (SS).
Sections 006, 010, and 013 Only. (Inglehart)

381/Soc. 472. Advanced Laboratory in Social Psychology. (3). (Excl). Sections 001-003.

391. Advanced Laboratory in Personality. (3). (Excl).
Sections 001-002. (Larsen)

442. Perception, Science, and Reality. (3). (NS). (Pachella)

570. The Psychological Study of Lives. (3). (Excl). (Rosenwald)


310/CAAS 335. Religion in the Afro-American Experience. (3). (HU).

Residential College

Humanities 320. Advanced Narration. (4). (Excl). (Hecht)

Humanities 321. Advanced Poetry Writing. (4). (Excl).

Humanities 322. Advanced Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults. (4). (Excl). (Balducci)

Humanities 325 & 326. Creative Writing Tutorial. (4). (Excl).

Humanities 390. Special Period and Place Drama. (4). (Excl).
Section 001 Victors and Victims: The Theatre of War. (Walsh)

Humanities 425 & 426. Creative Writing Tutorial. (4). (Excl).

Humanities 452/Russian 452. Survey of Russian Literature. (3). (HU). (Bartlett)

Interdivisional 310/WS 312. Gender and Science. (4). (N.Excl). (Sloat)

Social Science 360. Social Science Junior Seminar. (4). (Excl).
Section 001 International Grassroots Development: Perspectives from the Field. (Fox)
Section 003 Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and America. (Kivelson)

Romance Languages

French 331. French Literature in Translation. (3). (HU).
Section 001 France's Others, French Othering. (Chambers)

French 453. Literature of the Seventeenth Century. (3). (Excl).

Spanish 362. Introductory Composition and Conversation. (3). (Excl). Section 005 Computer Assisted Reading-to-Write Course. (Carbon-Gorell)

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Russian 452/RC Hums. 452. Survey of Russian Literature. (3). (HU). (Bartlett)


310. Introduction to Research Methods. (4). (Excl). (QR/1).

454. Law and Social Organization. (3). (SS). (Somers)

472/Psych. 381. Advanced Laboratory in Social Psychology. (3). (Excl).

Women's Studies

312/RC Interdiv. 310. Gender and Science. (4). (N.Excl).

460/Class. Civ. 460. Theorizing Women in Antiquity. (3). (HU). (Rappe)

483. Special Topics. (3). (Excl). Section 003 Women in Prison: (Jose)


ONLY students in the LS&A/ Engineering Joint Degree Program and Computer Science concentrators may use these courses to satisfy the JR/SR Writing Requirement. While these courses may be used to meet the JR/SR Writing Requirement, the credits are counted as NON- LS&A.

Technical Communication (Division 291)

486. Design of Computer Documentation.
Section 001

498. Technical & Professional Writing for Industry, Business, and Government.
All Sections.