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Chapter VII: Admissions and General Information

Dean of Students' Office

3000 Michigan Union 764-7420

The Dean of Students' Office is your place to come for assistance and services in a wide variety of areas. Within the Dean's office are three Associate Deans with a wide range of experience in assisting students. Many of the services within the Dean of Students office are listed below. The office staff can help with University wide concerns. If they can't answer your questions they will find out who can. You may drop in or call ahead for an appointment. The office is open 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and from 8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday.

Office of Student Conflict Resolution 936-6308
Office of Affirmative Action 763-0235
University Ombuds 763-3545
Dean of Students Office 764-7420
 For personal, confidential counseling or assistance, consult:
Counseling Services 764-8312
Lesbian and Gay Male Programs Office 763-4186
Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center 763-5865
Ethics and Religion 764-7442
International Center 764-9310
Services for Students with Disabilities 763-3000
Minority Student Services 763-9044

The Code of Student Conduct

All University of Michigan students are responsible for upholding the community values expressed in the Code of Student Conduct. The Code sets forth the standards of non-academic conduct expected of students and a disciplinary process for resolving complaints of alleged violations of the standards.

Examples of behaviors which contradict the values of the University community include: physically harming, sexually assaulting, sexually harassing, hazing, stalking, or harassing another person; possessing, using, or storing firearms, explosives, or weapons; tampering with fire or other safety equipment; setting fires; illegally possessing, using, distributing, manufacturing, or selling alcohol or other drugs; intentionally and falsely reporting bombs, fires, or other emergencies; stealing, damaging, destroying, or defacing University property or the property of others; obstructing or disrupting classes, research projects, or other activities; making, possessing, or using any falsified University documents or records; and violating state or federal law if such action has a serious impact on the University community. Please see the Code for further details.

The Resolution Coordinator administers the Code and directs the Office of Student Conflict Resolution. The Resolution Coordinator:

  • reviews complaints from faculty, students, or staff who believe a violation of the Code has occurred;
  • investigates alleged violations;
  • counsels students, faculty, and staff about the resolution process;
  • assists complainants and accused students prepare for arbitrations and mediations;
  • enforces sanctions; and
  • educates the University community about the Code.

The Code is published in the gray policy insert of The Student Handbook of the University of Michigan: Insiders Guide or Rounding out A2 and may be obtained on the world wide web at For further information please contact the Office of Student Conflict Resolution at (734) 936-6308.


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