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01-02 LS&A Bulletin

Courses in Biological Chemistry (Division 517)

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BIOLCHEM 576 / PHYSIOL 576 / PHRMACOL 576. Signal Transduction.
Two terms of organic chemistry; Biol. Chem. 415 or Chem. 451/452. Physical Chemistry is strongly recommended. I. (1).
Receptors; effector systems; oncogenes as signal transducers; interactions of signal transduction pathways.
BIOLCHEM 578. Biochemical Techniques.
Two terms of organic chemistry; Biol. Chem. 415 or Chem. 451/452. Physical chemistry is strongly recommended. I. (1).
In-depth discussions of important techniques in biochemistry research, including primary sequence determination of proteins; protein purification; spectroscopy; computer-assisted analysis of structure; computer analysis of DNA and protein sequences; protein chemistry; immunological techniques; identifying a gene in a library; electrophoresis; and, directed mutagenesis.

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