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Chapter V: Special Degrees and Pre-Professional Studies

The second half of this chapter describes several pre-professional courses of study. Pre-professional advising is available at both the Academic Advising Center and the Office of Career Planning and Placement.

Pre-Legal Studies and Pre-Medicine


LS&A students who wish to prepare for a career in medicine should elect courses which lead to completion of degree requirements and simultaneously fulfill the pre-medical requirements of the medical schools of their choice. Pre-medicine is not a concentration. A balanced and challenging liberal arts education is strongly recommended as an ideal way to prepare for the professional study of medicine.

Interested students should view the pre-health website and schedule an appointment with a pre-professional advisor in the Academic Advising Center and visit the Office of Career Planning and Placement for information about the medical profession.

Pre-medical course requirements are:

  1. Chemistry. Usually four terms: Chemistry 130, 210, 211, 215, 216, followed by 230 or 260 is the recommended introductory course sequence.
    Note: Medical schools differ in the number of chemistry credits required. Some require a minimum of two terms, some require a minimum of four terms. All, however, require chemistry with laboratory. It is always advisable to check with the medical school you are interested in if you have a question about requirements.
  2. Biochemistry. Many medical schools recommend biochemistry (the University of Michigan Medical School requires it). Students may select from Biology 310, Biology 311, Biological Chemistry 415, or Chemistry 451.
  3. Biology. Two terms, including lab work. Biology 162 is the recommended five-credit introductory course. Students also will want to complete at least one advanced course in biology or zoology (with lab).
  4. Physics. Two terms, including lab work. Students may select from Physics 125/ 127 and 126/128, or Physics 140/141 and 240/241.
  5. English. Two terms of English are required. Introductory Composition satisfies one term of this requirement.
  6. Mathematics. Some medical schools require a mathematics course (college-level calculus in most cases). Statistics and computer science are also recommended courses.

The above courses account for approximately one third of the course work for an A.B., B.S., or B.G.S. degree. Medical schools require demonstrated proficiency in the sciences, but it is not necessary to concentrate in the sciences.

Pre-Law Studies 

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