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A Greeting to the Students of LS&A

Welcome to the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and to the superb opportunities for learning that it offers. The Bulletin you are reading describes a rich and broad choice of courses and programs offered by some of the world's best teacher-scholars. You will find in LS&A excellent programs in traditional disciplines, unparalleled opportunities to study in interdisciplinary programs, and many special opportunities to learn in small, interactive groups. Most of you will make some of your choices with specific career goals in mind and you will find that LS&A offers you excellent preparation in a great number of areas. But you should also remember that a liberal arts education goes well beyond particular career choices. It offers both breadth and depth of learning learning that will nourish your imagination and your capacity for feeling, will enable you to think creatively and analytically, will develop in you the lifelong interests and passions that will enrich the rest of your lives. As you choose your courses, be bold. Follow your curiosity. Seek to expand your interests and your knowledge. As you embark on the rest of your life, your boldness will be rewarded many times over for it will bring interest, richness, and depth to your chosen work, to your relationships with your family and friends, to your responsibilities as citizens and national leaders, to your own reflective moments.


Shirley Neuman
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts


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