02-03 LS&A Bulletin

A Message from the Interim President

Welcome to the University of Michigan, one of the world’s great research universities and also one of our nation’s most diverse. One reason I am proud to be part of the University community is because of our commitment to embrace diversity in all its forms. With more than 225 undergraduate majors and 600 degree programs to choose from, Michigan attracts students with a wide range of academic interests. Outside of class, students are involved in approximately 900 organizations, ranging from the Arts Chorale and Dance Marathon to Project SERVE and the Wolverine Table Tennis Club. The different perspectives and talents that students, as well as faculty and staff, bring to Michigan contribute to our vitality and academic strength.

For more than 180 years, the University has aspired to provide a first-rate education to a diverse student population based on the premise that the most outstanding education results from the intersection of various ideas and beliefs, and that students gain some of their most important insights from each other. The more varied the perspectives of students and teachers, the richer the education and more vital the intellectual atmosphere.

I would like to personally invite you to join me in working to build a community of learning where all thrive. To learn and grow, individuals must be secure in the knowledge that they are valued and must be provided opportunities to engage each other in an environment of mutual dignity and respect. At no time in our nation’s history has it been more critical that we bring together people of divergent backgrounds, interests, and life experiences to learn from one another and to strive for greater understanding.


B. Joseph White
Interim President, University of Michigan


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