92-93 LS&A Bulletin

Honors Program

1210 Angell Hall


Professor Ruth Scodel, Director

The College, recognizing its special responsibility to students with superior ability, has established a four-year program to provide opportunities for greater depth of study throughout the undergraduate years. Among the features of the Honors Program are special academic counseling, special Honors courses and Honors sections in regular courses, opportunities to participate in the research projects of faculty members, or in individual research, faculty-student seminars, and directed summer reading for academic credit.

Students are admitted to the Honors Program by special invitation of the Director, though inquiries are welcomed from any highly motivated student. Approximately 10-12% of incoming freshmen are invited into the program, but continuance is based on academic accomplishment. Students enrolling in the Integrated Flexible Premedical Program (Inteflex), the Residential College, or the CSP/Opportunity Program may also be considered for admission to the Honors Program during the freshman and sophomore years. Students become candidates for Honors degrees by being admitted to an Honors concentration program in the junior year.

Most departments and some interdisciplinary programs offer Honors degrees. Students may also petition the Honors Program for approval of an Honors Individual Concentration Program (HICP). Honors degree candidates must perform excellently in courses and must demonstrate ability in original thesis work or pass a comprehensive examination.

Honors concentration programs are described under the relevant departmental listings in this Bulletin. Information about the Honors Individual Concentration Program is available at 1210 Angell. Honors sections are identified by the symbol "H" in the special comments column of each term's edition of the Time Schedule. The courses listed below represent only a fraction of those designated for Honors students.

The Honors Program believes that challenging work, including research opportunities, should be available to superior students from the onset of their college education. Accordingly, Honors research tutorials are available in any term by permission of the Honors Office. Freshmen and sophomores elect College Honors 291 and 292 and may serve as research assistants for faculty researchers, receive instruction in research methods, or participate in some phase of University or individual research. Comparable courses are available for juniors (College Honors 390) and seniors (College Honors 490). Small seminars (College Honors 250, 251, and 252) which enable students to discuss matters of intellectual substance with a faculty member are also offered regularly. The topics of the seminars change each term. For details, consult the Honors Newsletter at 1210 Angell Hall.

Senior Scholarships: Marshall, Rhodes, and Power. Students of high scholastic standing interested in post-graduate study in Britain should inquire in the Honors office in the Winter Term of their junior year.

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