92-93 LS&A Bulletin


Professor Frank B. Livingstone, Program Adviser

May be elected as an interdepartmental concentration program

This Program is designed to relate anthropological and zoological perspectives to the study of the human species and is especially appropriate for students pursuing pre-professional studies in preparation for a career in the health sciences.

Prerequisites to Concentration. Biology 152 and 154, or Biology 195 (or the equivalent). Anthropology 161 is recommended but only if elected during the freshman or sophomore year. Juniors and seniors without prior course work in biological anthropology should elect Anthropology 361 and/or 365.

Concentration Program. Requires 32 credits distributed as follows:

A. Anthropology. A minimum of four of the courses below, at least two of which must be at the 400-level or above and must represent two of the three groups:*

1. Evolution, paleontology, morphology: Anthropology 365, 466, 564, 565, 566.

2. Primatology, ecology, behavior: Anthropology 361, 368, 468, 568, 569.

3. Genetics, Growth, adaptation, race: Anthropology 362, 364, 461, 462, 563.

*Courses taken as Anthropology 469 (Topics in Biological Anthropology) can be counted in the appropriate group.

B. Zoology. A minimum of three courses representing three of the groups below:

1. Biochemistry: Biology 411 or Biological Chemistry 415.

2. Physiology: Biology 320, 325/326, 421, 422/423.

3. Genetics and Development: Biology 305, 307/308, 406, 407.

4. Biology of Vertebrates: Biology 252, 351, 452.

5. Ecology and Evolution: Biology 381, 390, 492/493, 494.

C. Any remaining credits required to complete the concentration may be selected, subject to approval by the program advisor, from other anthropology or biology courses or from courses in other departments relevant to the concentration.

Honors Concentration. Students who meet requirements for admission to the Honors concentration program in either anthropology or zoology may, with permission of the instructors, elect a total of three Honors courses from among those offered by the participating departments.

The Honors concentration is individually arranged by the concentration advisor in consultation with the appropriate Honors instructors in either or both departments. Recommendations for degrees with Honors are made by the concentration advisor after consultation with these instructors.

Advising and Counseling. The concentration advisor is Professor Frank B. Livingstone. Appointments are scheduled at 1054 LS&A (764-7274).

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