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Computer Science

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May be elected as a departmental concentration program

The concentration program in computer science is intended to provide a student with a science program based on the relatively new field of computer science. This discipline studies phenomena and concepts arising from the use of logic, mathematics, engineering, and other sciences in understanding and manipulating information. The courses in this program are intended to provide the student with a firm foundation in both hardware/architecture and software, as well as an understanding of a variety of applications of these fundamental ideas and techniques. Through a selection of advanced electives, students have the opportunity to explore in depth areas of special interest to them, such as artificial intelligence, distributed database systems, networks, compiler construction, or operating systems. Students completing this concentration successfully will be in a good position to enter the workplace or continue on to graduate programs in computer science, computer engineering, business administration, law, or a variety of other disciplines which many of our graduates have already pursued.

Questions about the concentration program in Computer Science should be addressed to Professor Bernard A. Galler, EECS Department, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122, by telephone at 313-763-4427, or by electronic mail: Bernard_A._Galler@um.cc.umich.edu.

Prerequisites to Concentration. Computer Science 280, 303, and 380; Mathematics 115, 116, and 215, and two courses in natural science (8 credits), designated (NS). The NS designated courses must be outside CS (Division 353), Mathematics (Division 428), Statistics (Division 489) and University Courses (Division 495). To be considered for admission to the concentration, all pre-concentration courses must be completed with no grade below C (2.0), and in addition, courses other than the Natural Science courses must be completed with grades which average at least B- (2.7). Students not receiving these grades in any of these preconcentration courses are advised to repeat the course before continuing in that sequence. You are declared into the concentration by a Computer Science advisor ONLY, and only when all of these courses (or their equivalent) have been completed.

Concentration Program.

1. Computer Science 270, 370, 381, 476, and 482 or 483.

2. At least one of Math. 416, CS 477, or Math. 425.

3. In addition, each student must complete a minimum of four CS or CS-related courses chosen from a Department-approved list. The concentration total will be approximately 37 credits. Courses selected to fulfill a concentration in Computer Science are chosen in consultation with and must be approved by a concentration advisor. Grades of C or better must be achieved in courses taken to satisfy the concentration requirements.

Advising and Counseling. The concentration program in Computer Science is structured in such a way that only those students with defined, mature academic interests in Computer Science should elect it. Appointments are scheduled at 1213 Angell Hall, or by calling 764-0332.

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