92-93 LS&A Bulletin

English Language Institute

3007 North University Building


John M. Swales, Director

Not a concentration program


Larry Selinker, English for academic purposes, ESL theory, second language acquisition, discourse analysis

John Swales, Language across the curriculum, discourse analysis, English for academic purposes

Associate Professor

Joan Morley, English phonetics and pronunciation, oral comprehension and public speaking


Elizabeth Axelson, speaking and interacting skills, ITA training

Carolyn Madden, ESL methods and materials, Teaching oral skills, training teaching assistants, interactive skills, ITA training

Sue Reinhart, ESL materials development, business English, oral communications, and advanced grammar

The English Language Institute offers instruction in the English language to non-native speakers enrolled in the University. The main purpose of this instruction is to help non-native speakers to become effective and fully participating members of the academic community. For this reason, the majority of the ELI courses are primarily concerned with English for Academic Purposes. Most of these courses address specific areas such as pronunciation, lecture comprehension or academic grammar and usually involve no more than 20 contact hours per term. In order to place students into the most suitable courses, students may be asked to take an Academic English Evaluation administered by the Testing and Certification Division of the ELI. (For further information consult Mary Spaan, 3023 NUB). In major areas such as speaking and writing, a sequence of courses of increasing difficulty and specialization is available.

In addition, the ELI offers workshops in the Spring and Summer for International Teaching Assistants (ITA) in conjunction with the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) and offers language courses throughout the academic year for non-native speaking ITAs which address the communicative language needs of classroom lab and office hours.

The ELI operates a Writing Clinic (Professor Selinker) and a Speaking Clinic (Professor Morley) as one-on-one facilities for those who have taken or are taking ELI courses in the relevant areas or are deemed not to need regular classroom instruction.

The ELI offers two full-time Summer English Language Study Programs: English for Academic Purposes and English for Business and Management Studies for non-native speakers.

English for Academic Purposes (Christine Feak) is designed for students who have been accepted to an English speaking university but wish to improve their language and study skills before beginning their academic program.

English for Business and Management Studies Program (Susan Reinhart) focuses on the special nature of business communications and the language ability needed for exchange between people from different business cultures in both academic and non-academic settings. This course is designed for foreign business majors and international managers who wish to improve communication skills.

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