92-93 LS&A Bulletin

Individual Concentration Program (ICP)

May be elected as a special concentration program

The Individual Concentration Program (ICP) is an option for students who wish to undertake a multidisciplinary program of study within the College of LS&A that is not currently available either in an existing departmental concentration or in one of the established interdepartmental programs. Most ICPs are interdepartmental and multidisciplinary in character. An ICP is intended to reflect the liberal arts perspective of LS&A. As with other concentrations, ICPs must stress development of skills to think critically, to understand and evaluate knowledge, and to develop ideas.

A maximum of 6 non-LS&A credits may be included in the concentration. The ICP encourages diversity and flexibility, but all ICPs must have an identifiable academic focus and unifying theme. Since an ICP leads to an A.B. or B.S. degree, students must meet general AB/BS requirements (English Composition, the language requirement, the race or ethnicity requirement, and an area distribution plan). Students may complete the Junior-Senior writing requirement by electing any course that is approved for that purpose but are urged to seek courses relevant to their concentration. Approved courses in departments from which students have 12 or more concentration credits may not be used to meet the distribution requirement. Students with an ICP may elect a double concentration provided that courses in one concentration are not used as part of the second concentration or for area distribution. The ICP concentration must always be the primary concentration and may never be used to meet any other degree requirement.

Students interested in obtaining an ICP should visit the ICP counselor to discuss goals, academic options, and various ICP procedures. After this initial discussion, students interested in an ICP must submit a formal application. This application must include (1) a title and supporting statement containing a coherent rationale for the proposed program, (2) a comprehensive academic plan of at least 30 upper-level credits, and (3) the signatures of regular faculty members from two different departments in the student's defined concentration. Both of these signatures must be those of members of the LS&A faculty who have discussed the proposed program and approved of the title and supporting statement. ICP applications are generally made prior to the senior year. No more than half the proposed concentration courses can be completed and/or currently elected at the time the ICP application is submitted.

The completed application is then reviewed by the Committee on Interdisciplinary Studies, a five-member committee composed of four LS&A faculty members and one representative of the LS&A Academic Counseling Office. The committee will base its decision on whether the program of study proposed adequately and coherently ensures a systematic study of the central subject comparable to that involved in other College concentration programs. The committee meets periodically, and once an application has been evaluated, the student is notified of the committee's decision.

Once an ICP has been approved, a student can move ahead and follow the program presented on the application. If it becomes necessary or desirable to modify an ICP, the student must consult the ICP counselor.

Advising and Counseling. Appointments with Liina Wallin, the ICP counselor, are scheduled at 1213 Angell. ICP applications are available in 1213 Angell and completed applications should be returned there. Students interested in an Honors ICP should contact the Honors Program in 1210 Angell Hall.

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