92-93 LS&A Bulletin

Pilot Program

100 South Observatory (Alice Lloyd and Couzens Residence Halls)


Not a concentration program

Pilot is a living-learning program. It was created in 1962. It is a multi-disciplinary, academic/residential program for first- and second-year students. Housed in the Alice Lloyd and Couzens Residence Halls, the Pilot Program provides the intimacy of a small college while utilizing the resources of a large university. To accomplish these goals, the program offers (1) small seminars and Composition courses offered by graduate students who live in Alice Lloyd; (2) experimental mini-courses; (3) opportunities for independent study; (4) a one-credit theme course on a subject of topical interest; (5) an important course on Intergroup Relations and Conflict. The Program also involves extensive, non-academic activities, including films, art projects, entertainment, ethnic awareness programs, crafts, women's programs, and field trips.

Pilot Program composition courses, while emphasizing writing, focus on such diverse topics and themes as "Human Relations, " "Writing About Change and Transformation, " "Race, Sex and Individual Liberty" and "The Contemporary Afro-American Experience". Optional courses offered through Pilot include mini-courses and seminars focusing on sex roles, the psychology of self, the crisis in South Africa, planet management, and reproductive politics. Pilot Program courses are small, and active participation by students is encouraged.

Approximately 400 first-year students are admitted to the program each year. Inquiries should be addressed to the Director, Pilot Program, 100 South Observatory, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109.

Pilot Program Courses. A total of 20 credits of Pilot Program courses may be counted toward the minimum 120 credits required for an LS&A degree.

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