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University Courses

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University Courses are sponsored by the College or University rather than by individual departments or programs and may be taught by members of the faculty in any academic unit on the Ann Arbor campus. The College offers as University Courses both full-term courses and mini-courses.

Full-term University Courses in a wide range of subjects and disciplines are offered to undergraduates at all levels. Each course is reviewed by the LS&A Curriculum Committee for Pattern I area distribution designation. Academic departments and programs decide whether or not a particular University Course may be included in a concentration plan. In other respects a full-term University Course is indistinguishable from any other LS&A course.

University mini-courses are one-credit, special interest offerings which center upon a conference, group of lectures, or special exhibit, appear on short notice in a term, and are usually of 2-to-8-weeks duration. Mini-courses are offered mandatory credit/no credit and are normally excluded from area distribution and concentration credits. Information about upcoming mini-courses is available by dialing POINT 10 (764-6810). Mini-courses are elected on Election Change Worksheets (Drop/Add forms) as the courses are announced in a term. No more than two University mini-courses may be elected in one term. Mini-courses elected by the end of the first three weeks of classes in a term are elected through normal CRISP procedures. Information about procedures for electing University mini-courses after the first three weeks of a term, their individual drop/add deadlines, and other related matters is available from 1221 Angell Hall, the bulletin board across from 1221 Angell Hall, or by calling POINT 10.

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